A Totally Random Post

Yo, let’s drop the formalities and the proper writing etiquette. Basically, I have a few random things that I would like to share with you. Ready, set, sharing…

My friend and brother in Christ, Hip Hop Theologian, just released a spoken-word piece that is part of a Spoken Word Challenge. The main premise is that perfection is not flawlessness; it’s a beautiful, inquisitive, bold work of art. Please take a moment to view the video: 

Amazing truth, right? Please take a moment right now to share that in your social-networks and perpetuate the gold-nuggets of wisdom that Hip Hop Theologian speaks from the heart. Also, anyone else think that mustache is just absolutely fantastic?!?! 

Moving onward…I, dear friends, covet your prayers during this incredibly uncertain time that I am in. As a 23 year-old, college-graduate, attempting to find a job in the current market, I am distraught. Please pray for the LORD’s provision as bills start to pile up in the upcoming months, as I become financially responsible for my expenses and the debt incurred during my education, etc. Also, pray that I would not allow money and work to become my god, but rather, I would still use money as a tool to glorify the LORD, whether it be tithing, giving to someone in need, or honoring Him by strategically paying off debts quickly; all of which I hope to do.

Now, it’s story-time! (I told you this was “A Totally Random Post”) Alright, so you know how in modern-day churches, the worship starts and everyone stands awkwardly with their hands at their sides and nervously sings, hoping that no one notices they are out-of-tune (well, I am anyways)? Great, glad you agree. Well, I was checking out a church in KC called Redeemer and these two little girls, probably around the age of 4 or 5 were in the front just dancing. It was a beautiful, joyous sight. Seriously. I mean, when was the last time you felt free enough to just dance? These girls didn’t have a care in the world and were free to be who they were; fun, young, innocent, and joy-filled.

When the sermon began and everyone sat down, I quickly grabbed my journal, not wanting to forget that moment. Here is what I wrote:

“Children have a special freedom, a present innocence and purity; at ease with their world, in the safety of their father’s presence, they can be all that they are, reserving and withholding no aspect of who they are. If we were to solidify our identity in being children of God, perhaps we could experience once again this beautiful freedom, able to wholly be all that we are meant to be.” (J. Meyer, 6/2/13)

It always goes back to identity, doesn’t it? I can practically hear the Holy Spirit screaming, “Stop worrying so much about your flaws and remember all that I’ve already given you! Stop listening to satan’s mention of what you are not and remember what you are!” And what are? We’re children, heirs to the throne, serving The King, and all He wants for us is our very best; He desires to raise us up to be warriors, fighting for truth.

A warrior I shall be. I spend time feverishly praying now that you would be, too.

Pressing Forward,

Justin Meyer