Let’s Get It – Season 2

This anxiety in my chest,

Just trying to catch my breath.

Why am I such a mess?

Wanna get my life in check,

But there I was bouncing checks.

Figured that one out but have other problems,

Might take a couple seminars to solve them.

Am I a puzzle that needs put together?

Or should I be tanned like leather?

And there I was running,

Tripping and stumbling,

Feet pound the pavement,

While fists punch the air;

I gotta get out of there.

So I listen to music,

Think that’ll do it.

Run faster, run harder.

Last longer, get stronger.

Trying to channel the artist’s energy

Into me.

So I listen to that anthem-rap;

DJ Khaled, Thi’sl and other trap.

Problem is, I was born to create;

Their music’s great and sure I relate;

But none of it demonstrates

What’s on my dinner-plate.

So here I am writing,

Breathing, conniving;

Sitting here crying.

Wrestling with identity,

Wish I had a friend in me,

But view myself a frenemy.

One step forward,

Then sprinting back.

Can’t stay on track,

What do I lack?

Beauty’s mine,

Her love’s divine;

Patient and shimmering;

Her eyes are glimmering.

Family loves me deep,

So why can’t I sleep?

I’ve seen myself come alive;

I know what it’s like;

But I’ve yet to arrive;

Barely put in drive.

Yet here I am;

I’m standing.

Stare-down with the man in the mirror,

Calling him out to face his fear,

Praying for a whisper in his ear;

Missing the prophetic gift;

Heart’s been adrift.

Can’t stand the reflection,

My vanity, a misdirection.

So Jesus come back,

Don’t turn my soul black.

Heal my broken back,

Stitch my heart in-tact.

Keep me on these tracks.

Help my unbelief,

Because I believe in you.

But I don’t believe in myself,

Yet you’re in me and I’m in you.

Holy Spirit’s available for everything I do.

And help me with these emotions,

Turbulent like the oceans;

Dark waters and still deeps;

Crashing waves and breaking seas;

Some days it’s crushing me.

Give me the strength to face it;

Give me the perseverance to chase it;

Let’s Get It – Season 2.

We’ve got some believing to do.





Hidden behind the veil of humor,

Lies the man in life’s stupor.

Couldn’t take a picture,

Without an elixir – I mean, filter.

Paranoid with perception,

Obsessed with perfection.

Always running from feeling;

Because if you sit in it too long, the world would be reeling.

In laughter,

Like the mad hatter,

It is only a matter,

Of opinion’s touchy bladder.

When dreams fall and shatter,

Or more likely, clatter,

To the ground,

When anxiety leaps and bounds.

People can’t see the darkness,

It’s heartless.

But it’s time to admit the journey,

You’re nowhere near a gurney.

Yet is not doubt something to pout about?

In a round-a-bout way,

Debate the theology of the day.

And politics. Liberty or socialism; even the pastors need justice.

Interesting the way we act.

With tact.

Filter this and delete that.

Do you even recognize the man in the mirror?

With his angry sneer.

It’s as if he forgot where he came from.

And that the church has named him.

Retreated to slavery because it was familiar,

Freedom’s taste was forgotten and hope had grown rotten.

But he won’t leave your dreams at night;

Won’t leave without a fight.

So as we sit tonight,

May we see the light.

Dreams tell me it’s quite the sight,

And that your journey is quite alright.

Have You Seen The Leaves?

Have you seen the leaves?Fire flies born from trees.

Light up the earth and make me sneeze.

O the allergies.
Really – have you seen the leaves?

Reds, oranges, browns flee,

Rustling wind that frees

These leaves from the trees.
Majestic autumn,

Overlooked too often,

Beauty that doth soften.

Revives those in coffins.

Feel it in your chest.
Smoky scents rise,

Fireplace surprise.

Cool, evening walks,

Long, cotton socks.
Something so small,

Yet I sure love Fall.


Into The Son

She stole my heart and walked away,Into the mist, into the spray,

Turbulent shores and ocean waves.

My body cold as the grave.
And I saw that light,

The one that wakes your soul at night.

Big, bright, white.

The hope that gives flight.

Lifts up the lost and gives them sight.
I saw her walking late at night,

Down the street, away from me.

With eyes that said playfully,

“Why don’t you come after me?”
Time stood still,

What a thrill.

Challenging my inner will.
Heels clicked down the street,

Heartbeat in my feet,

Warm cheeks, no longer cold.

Wild at heart, forever bold.
Staring down the lion of lies,

That I’m worth less than those eyes.
So I shout, “Here I come!”

Pick up my feet, and I run.

Chasing after her, toward the Son.


Love Is Weak

Sadness to confusion,

Was it all a delusion?

The silence is deafening,

What word does heaven bring?

Closure is a luxury


Frustrated jabs at shallow seas,

Once hallowed greens.

And yet I still cling,

For heart’s Spring.

Foolish me.

What I’d do for one more dance,

Another glance,

One last chance,

At a first romance.

O to hold your hand,

See your eyes and understand.

But time passes swiftly

And passion leaks.

Like tears on cotton sheets;

My love is weak.

Where Art Thou?

O Father, where art thou?

Before you, humbled, I bow.

No merit, nor worth, only shame,

Standing before you, I came.


But you see, I’m here, I’m waiting,

Similar to my wait for dating;

You seem far off, unreachable

Perhaps it’s me, have I not been teachable?

Shall I sulk and wait, distracted?

Shall my heart remain not impacted?

Will I ever feel that zealous passion,

Being again reminded of such compassion?


Darkness seems closer than ever,

Evil’s prince deceives me; clever.

Has my heart been hardened?

Shall I not be pardoned?

Sickness looms and exhausts,

Not sure if I’m able, I’m at a loss.


Have I lost my usefulness?

Are you no longer in need of my youthfulness?

A joyful man, I once was, now depressed.

Cannot hold in feelings of sorrow I’ve repressed.


Where is this Spirit, the one whom shall save?

Where has he gone, shall I prepare for the grave?


Society cannot handle truthfulness from the heart,

Should I share this, they’d quickly depart.

It’s easy to support someone joyous and bright,

But this now, it does not bring delight.


A brilliant mind, I’ve been told I have,

Yet, it would seem, I always give half.

Potential wasted, nothing here to be proud of,

Haven’t heard those words in a while, “proud of.”


O LORD, Father God, come quick,

My body reflects my heart, I’m sick.

Sin remains, lifestyle unchanged,

So many things need rearranged.

I need Your courage, I feel estranged.


O God, like David, I’m in a valley,

I’m ready for more ups than downs, have you checked the tally?

The last month, far more frown than smiles,

Feels like my heart’s been wandering for miles.


I’d keep runnin’, but I’m tired.

I desire You, it’s how I’m wired.

Your Spirit’s real, I know it is.

I’ve seen it before, I’ll tell my kids.

So won’t you now, raise me up?

Half-empty or not, fill my cup?


An emotional man, I’m designed to be,

Tears will come quite naturally,

Sorrowful tears are wearing me out,

Change them to joyful, a praise I’ll shout!


But You’re my God, humble your child,

You’re seasoning my life, even though I’d prefer it to be mild.

Shimmering splendor, perhaps you’d prefer me spicy,

But Lord, my God, at least entice me.

Consume me once again with your fragrant splendor,

Empower me to worship unhindered.


You called my name, so here I am,

What shall you require, I AM?

From Death to Life

Look out the window and it’s raining,

The stress of family and work is so draining.


If only, outside it was sunny

And the bank account had money.

But living life in debt

Is something you’ve learned to accept.


If only you had a companion,

But once again, you’re abandoned.


Tired of the world’s kick to the curb,

You’ve placed a sign on your heart saying, “DO NOT DISTURB!”


Then comes something that shakes your foundation,

It starts messing with your heart’s situation.

Your heart is calmed and spirit hydrated

Suddenly you have a reason to celebrate and…


The hopeless life you were once livin’

Became joy-filled and purpose driven.


Your broken pieces picked up from the dust,

Someone’s placing them back together you trust.


Yesterday you were weak,

Today you’re made strong!

Once your heart leaked

But now you belong!


This can’t be true; it’s a lie

So much wrong done; you still cry…

But it’s no fair-tale or fiction

You’re FREE; no restrictions.


Who is the one that’s redeemed

Your life from the hell in which you screamed?


What gave your heart clarity

Now you’re promised prosperity?!?!


The one you’ve met has many names

He’s the one who fulfills these claims.

His mighty hand restores!

From his cup, unconditional love pours.


Reminds you constantly; “Here I am!”

Welcome to the Kingdom of the Great I AM!