The Call to Follow: Revisited

You can’t live for Jesus, until you stop living for you.follow me

I think that’s the hardest aspect of the call to follow Christ. It’s the hardest lesson you learn as you “grow up”, too. In marriage, someday, I can’t be married to simply serve the needs of myself – it’s not about that – it’s about giving of myself. That’s the opposite of modern-day culture. “Take for yourself” – “store up for yourself” – are the messages you see.

You will rarely be given the advice to “die to yourself,” or to “focus more on others”, instead. Because we’ve made it all about us. And guys, I want it to be all about me. It’s so hard to say, “Okay Jesus, you can really have it all.”

And I think once we discontinue making being a Christian within The Church such a trivial, lackluster, mundane, sit-in-a-pew-and-pretend-I have-it-all-together thing, we can finally begin to grapple with the reality of our hearts, and to admit our desperate need for Jesus. Our need for Jesus to open our eyes, heal our hearts, and empower us to overcome all of that aforementioned fleshly desire and the darkness that presently rules the world.

Let’s be honest, people. Really honest. Stop pretending. Some days, you and I want to be on the throne, but let’s remember – remember the emptiness of that ‘power’ – of rebellion – and a misconstrued idea of ‘freedom’. We were not free then. We were imprisoned. Our desires and controlled and manipulated us. They took up all of our free time and twisted God-given gifts and talents into new ways of deceiving others into the same darkness.

So the next time you want to be king, remember why it is you first gave your life to The King. Then, let’s do the world a favor, the church a favor, and ourselves a favor, and live like it. Let’s live for Jesus. Let’s die to ourselves.

Instead of worrying about who’s following you on Twitter, or liking your posts on Facebook (and trust me – I’m guilty as charged and preaching so much to myself right now), let’s focus more on who we’re following. If you’re following Jesus, then it’s not about you anymore. It’s not about me. It’s all about Him. And that’s a very, very good thing.