An Idea Guy

I’ve always been an idea guy. “I’ve got an idea,” is something I’ve never been afraid to say. And I always live life with an “it never hurts to ask” philosophy which has led to a lot of free stuff and good business partnerships at work. But I’ve noticed a shift in my mental perspective lately as I’ve considered my “ideas.” It’s alright to have great ideas, but why is it that a lot of my ideas just remain ideas?

Since the age of about 15 years old when I first started writing and occasionally being given the opportunity to teach Sunday School I’ve had this “idea” that I might be called into ministry someday – or at the very least that my gift with written words might take me somewhere. Our ideas are powerful. And when we share them with others, they become driving forces for positive change, most of the time.

I’ve gotten weak and scared with my ideas, though. I don’t like to share them with anybody anymore because what if I’m wrong – or what if I’m right? What if people find me out and discover that I’m not all that I was cracked up to be? So I take a wild heart – one that was never meant to be caged and I lock it away in the recesses of safety; somewhere deep within myself so that I’m not in danger of failing. The problem with this logic is that you’ll never finish a race you don’t have the guts to start running in the first place.

It’s just like when you have an idea to lose weight or an idea to cut back on unhealthy habits. It’s a great idea, but if you keep it to yourself and don’t put a plan in action the idea is weak. It’s not going to get you anywhere.

Actions are powerful. Plans are healthy. My flesh hates that. My sinful nature is passive, stagnant, and does not particularly enjoy putting forth great amounts of effort.

But what I’ve discovered is that if you start small, it adds up quick. A little kindness goes a long way. Even if you don’t change your diet, hitting the weight bench a few times a week leaves me more confident and sculpted. Allowing myself to be expressive, even when it’s not edited or “good” is powerful. Sharing my feelings with my soon-to-be-bride leads to deeper intimacy, a kind of closeness that leaves her feeling safe and me feeling loved just as I am, even if I want to be better.

So let’s stop being afraid to share our ideas. Let’s bring our hearts and energy together and pursue something. Let’s lean on the collective wisdom and strength of others occasionally. You are not perfect and neither is anyone else. We are all stronger together.

So yes – I’m an idea guy. But I want to become one of resolve and actions, too.

What about you?

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