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Welcome to Embracing God’s Grace – I’m your host, Justin Meyer. As you continue reading, you will discover that I have an energetic and passionate personality, mixed with an optimistic realism for the world surrounding us. A couple years ago, I graduated from Kansas State University with a bachelors-degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Leadership, so as my education would suggest…I LOVE PEOPLE…and…COMMUNICATING.

One day I would love to be a published author and speaker, so “Embracing God’s Grace” is my tool for developing those skills, while also spreading the hope of Jesus Christ! I’m a firm believer in spiritual-gifts and would argue that I have been given the gifts of exhortation (encouragement), teaching, mixed with a sometimes prophetic heart (this simply means that I sometimes have particular messages placed on my heart for someone, or for a particular audience, it DOES NOT mean I see the future, or that I can help you win the lottery).

The ability to express oneself is essential to me, so I am sort of poetic in nature; I love to create vivid imagery, artistically utilize rhymes, rhythm, and word-play to get a point across, and word stories in such a way that you feel what I feel. I do this through a variety of articles, short-stories, and poetry, and I post a majority of what I write on this site, so subscribe to this blog and begin reading the wonders of what the LORD has placed on my heart!

Feel free to comment on any of the posts, or to share it with others (in fact, I encourage you to do so). Also, if Twitter is your thing, then follow me: @jmeyerksu

I’m candid, witty, and (usually) refreshing – hope you enjoy your ‘stay’ here at Embracing God’s Grace as we journey through life, together.

7 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi Justin! Stumbled onto your blog, and I like it. I was also pleasantly surprised to find you are at K-State. I grew up in Junction City, but live in Illinois now. I don’t run into many Kansas people, so to find one is a treat. And to find one that’s a believer is even better!

    Keep writing!

  2. Your last comment made me laugh. You would say that. Loved your last note and I will do my best to keep up from now on cuz I am beginning to really enjoy reading into your God giving knowledge and heart for others :)! Plus your my brother so I should support you anyways, its kinda my job lol jk

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