Knowing Autumn

Crimson red and fiery gold,

Breezy gusts of air so cold.
Firewood crackles in the night, 
The sunrise a radiant delight. 
It swoops in and breaks through the fog,
Awakens the creatures, even the frog.
Birds stir and sing their song,
Knowing Autumn won’t last long. 
The time has come pumpkin and spices, 
Pies and lattes and other vices. 
And in this season in all it’s glory, 
We began to write our story. 
Green eyes met blue,
I became us when I met you. 
Four years of love, four years of laughter.
I don’t wish for before and I never want after. 
My love for Fall reminds me of us;
Color, fire, passion and spice;
Longing for your lips to kiss tonight. 
My favorite season and I’ll never want another,
Knowing Autumn is such a wonder. 

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