Killing The White Noise

I’d say that I’ve been thinking a lot lately but the truth is there has been an absence of thinking wholeheartedly. There’s a lot of white noise in my life – some of it is unavoidable due to the kind of work I do. Being in Sales my phone has to be at my side almost 24/7 to respond to customer inquiries and navigate complicated scenarios with coworkers. However, there’s a whole ocean of that white noise that I bring upon myself and it’s called Social Media.

The truth is that I’m pretty awesome with Social Media and someday I may end up being some kind of Social Media Strategist. But for now, it’s not my job and it does very little to add actual value to my everyday life.

What it does now is distract. It keeps me from focusing on things that actually matter. It provides me with an escape in awkward moments when Allie and I aren’t sure what to talk about anymore, it allows me to procrastinate real work that needs to be done, and while overcoming other life crutches it has become yet another thing that I cling to besides God.

Now don’t think that I’m suddenly trying to be holier than thou. That’s not the case. The truth is that it was just recently that I linked arms with my friend Bryce and decided we were going to read a Proverb a day and text our daily application to each other. And while that’s adding an immense amount of value to my life, it had probably been five years since I’d consistently, on a daily basis, been in the Bible.

Really, I think it’s a matter of growing up. Of realizing it’s time to truly put off the old self and allow God to do his work within myself and my wife. So we’re giving up social media for September. Because who knows how many books I could read or how many extra walks or trips to the gym I could fit into my life if I wasn’t staring at my phone on the couch or on the bed reading articles I’m really not that interested in – or obsessing over how to write a witty post that is sure to receive a few likes or trigger a comment war.

I think it’s just a season of action for Allie and I. We’re going to participate in Whole 30 during the month of September as well, which will cut out a lot of sugar, all of dairy and alcohol and allow us to purposefully set out and accomplish a goal that we’ve talked about frequently but taken little action on (and it’s mostly my fault). I think I speak for both of us when I say that we’re tired of just talking about things and ready to make things happen. So we’re reading the Bible and other books, we’re visiting churches and dreaming up ways to get plugged into the community, we’re working hard at our jobs and at home, and we’re doing what we can to show our friends and family that we love them and they matter to us.

Less talk, more walk so to speak.

So there you have it. In true Justin fashion – sharing my life with you regardless of whether you care or not because there just might be something to glean from it.

white noise

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