American Culture And Growth In Christ Because You’re Worth It.

My inner circle knows that I’m in a period of hyper spiritual growth and maturing as a man right now as I prepare for upcoming chapters in my life. Out with the old, in the with the new; a whole lot of prayer and a whole lot of hard, emotional, painful work to get there.

Things worth pursuing always come at a cost.

Our culture hasn’t done a great job of teaching us to count the cost. I don’t think Donald Trump ever learned to count the cost of his inflammatory remarks toward woman. And I don’t believe that Hillary Clinton fully considered the ramifications of Benghazi and deleting e-mails to attempt avoiding accountability. (I do not endorse either candidate for the record, but I’ll leave my political leanings at that for now.) The thing I’m getting at, is if our two “best” Republican and Democratic candidates for Presidential office of the United States of America are two full-grown “adults” that lie, steal, and quarrel like elementary students on the playground, then I think it’s a sad reflection on the social landscape of America.

We’ve fallen victim to selfishness. Pursuing whatever is best for us in the moment, without considering the cost – unaware of the rewards, consequences, monetary debt inflammation, and other ramifications our decisions would cause. Behaving like children and quarreling more with one another than discussing, investing, and serving alongside one another to truly build a better America. We’re more focused on who’s “worse than us” than we are on improving ourselves to build a better future for everyone – because we all have an impact on this world, whether we want that responsibility or not.

And if this is a reflection of our national leadership and our political landscapes and if I’m currently fighting the backlash of a couple decades of not taking responsibility for my actions, then perhaps you are, too.

So where do you start? Where do you go when you realize it’s time to grow up and you can’t get out of this one? There’s no one to pass the blame onto this time, except for your own shortcomings (whether those be laziness, greed, pride, addiction, hatred and bitterness that poison your heart, and the like).

You tell someone.

Trump is Trump because he thinks he doesn’t need anyone. He is his own king and he has all this “wealth” and can do whatever he wants, so it makes him a ‘man’. Clinton is Clinton because her husband betrayed her (and many, many other things we all just don’t know – she is definitely more than her husband’s actions) and she’s grown cold-hearted and calculated, doing whatever it takes, in scandal after scandal, to get what she wants. She doesn’t need her husband. She doesn’t need anyone.

Wrong. Absolutely wrong.

We all need someone. We all need accountability and community. You will fall. And if there’s no one by your side to pick you up and get you back in the fight for freedom and Kingdom work, then you’ll stay there in the pit of your own despair and begin to build your home there, because you think you’re just not good enough for something better than the present sum of your past sins.

Wrong again.

You are absolutely created and destined for something greater than that. Heirs to the throne and absolutely powerful to overcome, heal, prophecy, and bring forth incredible revivals, if you will only submit your lives to Christ. (Another area we often fail to count the costs of…You can have power and gifts and be alive in the Spirit, but you’ve gotta put your own pride and ‘glory’ and doing it all ‘on your own’ to death first, before it can happen.)

So take the first step and call someone. “Hey [their name here], it’s [your name] – I’m done doing it all on my own. I’ve tried and tried and fought and fought. I’ve ran away long enough. It’s left me in a dark, tired, lifeless, and absolutely spent place. I need Jesus. I need closer friendships and community. I need the church and you to pray with and walk with me through this life, so that growth can occur.”

I’m praying that when you make that phone-call, you’re met with open arms and someone that wants to come by your side and help you live the life you’re absolutely capable of living. You just don’t know it yet. That’s okay. You’ve spent a long time believing the lie that you weren’t worth it anyways.

I promise you are.

In Christ,



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