Spring Shows & Revelations

Last night I attended my baby sister’s Spring Show performance at Mission Trail Middle School. She did a great job and I’m sure will only continue to get better. As I sat there watching her show off the routines they’d been working on all year long, I had some revelations hit me along the way. (Whenever I wasn’t busy flirting with Allie and Tyler in a Group Text that we had going on during the Non-Brianna performances. ;P)

  • Life is messy – Even though they had worked on their routines for a good portion of the year, there were still a few missed kicks/turns and the occasional missing shoe. No matter how perfect we attempt to be, we’re all still just human at the end of the day. There will always be an area of life that we can grow in. But it’s the messiness that makes us easy to relate to; and it often becomes our focal point in a ministry sense. The addict becomes the counselor; the brokenhearted becomes the abundantly joyful worship-leader.
  • There is beauty in putting yourself out there – If you’ve ever been to a wedding that I’ve also been at. You know that I go HAM on the dance-floor. Sweating bullets and guzzling iced-water like it’s keeping me alive, I don’t stop until the DJ does. Some of the girls weren’t the best dancers. And neither am I. (Allie took a Snapchat video of me “breaking it down” on the dance-floor at Kanza Hall last night, and it turns out, I’m pretty white.) But the beauty of it all is embracing the fearlessness that comes with self-expression, being yourself, and allowing joy to take over, even if just for the length of a song or two.
  • Arts are important – From making music to dancing to it; from writing poetry to writing novels and life-lessons blogs; painting, instruments, etc. You get it. Arts are important. They provide an outlet. Some of the girls were truly dancing their hearts out, choosing emotional songs that allowed them to process and express harder emotional lessons they were learning. While other dances were collective anthems that they could use to express themselves as a tight-knit group/community.

It was interesting to me that something so simple as sitting in a Middle School Gymnasium could remind my heart of gentle life-lessons as such. That my youngest sister is brave, beautiful, energetic, and filled with life. When she isn’t busy sassing me half-to-death, she’s making a positive impact on her school’s culture and on the lives of others; and becoming BFF’s with my girlfriend at Garage Sales this morning.

God is good, friends. Let’s keep living and learning.

dance team

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