You’re Needed

You are needed. A lie the devil will spoon feed us to the point of our hearts dormancy is that we’re not necessary, or don’t play an important role – that we’re not making a difference. You’re always making a difference – it might not be a very positive difference this week, but you’re making a difference, and someone needs you.

The reality is there’s not a whole lot of time on this earth and we’ve got to stop wasting it. My younger siblings need time with me, as I often play the role of confidant and counselor as they navigate relationship issues, within the family and outside of it. My company needs me to give my full attention to the customer I’m on the phone with at the time to provide the best possible care to them, so it makes the utmost impact on our brand. My girlfriend needs my listening ear and for me to be a judgement-free zone, a source of encouragement and wisdom – she needs my actions to back up my words, and my priorities to be clear and laid out. I’ve got to lead. My friends needs my letters and phone-calls and goofy laughter. I’m needed.

You are, too. You’re so needed.

I’ve said for a while now that I believe one of the deepest human needs, at a heart-level, is for someone to actually see us. The level of intimacy with a close friend or romantic relationship where they look into your eyes and can silently say “I see you” with their eyes in such a way that you know nothing is hidden. No hidden agenda; no lies covering up blemishes; the kind of love that can see me in athletic shorts and a t-shirt, all sweaty and gross from working out, overcoming major life setbacks, and still say, “I love that guy.” That’s Allie, my family, and my friends. I need them. When I’ve fallen down again, they’re willing to help me back up and say, “We can do this.”

Notice that powerful word “we”. They’re invested. They have part-ownership in the relationship and the outcome. I was never made or designed to go it alone, nor were they.

I refer to my lifelong, closest friends – the ones that are in my inner circle – as the #DreamTeam. Why? Because we’re a team. When one of us is really struggling, despite any differences in political/religious/lifestyle ideologies, we will all come running to each other’s aid. We’re in it to win it, together. I will love those men until the day Jesus says “it is finished” with their lives. And they know it, too. There’s no getting rid of Justin Meyer when he decides he’s gonna love you.

I have a heart for those of you that are on social-media these days talking about how you’re going it alone; how you don’t need anyone, etc. “F’ these people and these people, because blank-and-blank.” I’m so sorry that people have hurt you. But friend, you’re going to need others. Lay down your pride and let the drawbridge down. People need access to your castle and past the moat of your conditional love. They need you now, just as you are. And then they need you to wake up and work to build character that’s even greater than what you started with.

You’re needed, but you need others too. Stay isolated no more. And for the love of peaceful relationships, stay humble. We’re just one piece of a much larger puzzle. Plug yourself in.


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