Special Thursday Edition: Dad Wants Me To Write A Book

If you know me, you know I’ve been restless vocationally. My Dad asked me – “Didn’t you want to write a book?” To which I said, “Yes, it’s a goal of mine to write the first three chapters this year.” He then said, “Well you need a topic and you need to work on it. Justin, I’m on your team.” My father believes in me – what a blessing – do you?

I think one of the greater obstacles for a writer, or a young man aspiring to be one, is that they don’t believe they have anything worth sharing with the world. Which is just a load of crap. Because you’re reading this right now. So SOMEONE is interested.

That lack of self-confidence and lack of decision-making/ambition is just gonna have to take a hike, because this guy doesn’t have time to waste with it anymore.  I’ve set goals for myself and I’m sticking to them. And I CAN accomplish my goals. (It’s been a while since I’ve been ‘successful’, but that doesn’t mean things have to stay that way.)

So selfishly, I’m curious…what writings of mine have encouraged you through a hard time? What have you related to? What topics would you like to hear more of my heart on? How do you believe I could become a better writer?

I welcome your constructive criticism, warm feedback, and loving hearts with open arms. Let’s do this thing. Let’s dream. We’re Embracing God’s Grace and asking Him to propel us forward, into something we never knew could be possible. But we won’t get there, if we don’t ask.

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