I love to dance. Absolutely love it. I’m a rather self-conscious guy that absolutely hates sweating, yet there’s nothing quite as freeing as throwing caution to the wind and breaking it down on the dance-floor at a friend’s wedding, or at Kanza Hall with Allie. In fact, I remember closing the door to my college dorm-room, cranking up some jams and dance-partying by myself a time or two. We were created to move, to celebrate, to enjoy.

Now, I’m not saying I’m a good dancer. I’m white. Very white. And as a general stereotype/rule-of-thumb, white guys that grew up in Johnson County, KS aren’t exactly the type of people you expect to dance-battle with someone at Shark Bar in the Power & Light District. But this white guy has done it. Because, why not? I may or may not have won. I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

Something about dancing – you have to have rhythm. You’ve got to follow the song and lead and/or react to your partner’s movements.

Rhythm has been a common theme in my conversations this week. I’m making some lifestyle changes – setting new limits for myself, building new habits, attempting to deconstruct some old ones. Let’s just say – thank God for grace and for His mercies being new each day. But I’m discovering that life, itself, is a form of dance, a sort of finding your rhythm – and if you don’t like the way you’re dancing, maybe it’s time to change the song (if that makes sense) and to vary your default steps.

When you take a step back and examine the reasoning behind the things you do, you recognize that you have certain triggers, or reasons for your default habits – good or bad.

So I’ve begun to dissect my thought and behavior processes. Examining my triggers and behaviors associated with those triggers. Most of them were bad. So I’ve implemented some good. Stressed and anxious? Go running. Fearful? Pray. Angry? Time for some push-ups and squats to work out the aggression. Feeling creative? Write a new poem.

We have other rhythms as well. Certain beliefs about ourselves and where we’re going in life. And if we’re not careful, we’ll let these core “truths” about ourselves become reality. It’s important to find the actual truth and to wrestle against the tide of negativity.

So I’m changing my rhythms and learning new dance-steps. I’m shaking things up and not accepting norms for normal anymore. It’s time to do something new and creative. It’s time to press into all that God has for me. It’s time to find my rhythm. It’s time to go dancing.


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