Permission To Be

Permission is a weird word. Anyone else remember having to get those permission-slips from school to go on the field trip at school? “Is it gonna cost me anything?” was usually the fair response of the parent as they signed it and sent you off with $30 to do x, y, z – because that’s the way the world works.

When we’re younger, we have to ask permission to go over to a friend’s house – or to watch certain movies. While we’re dating, we may ask permission for the first kiss. And so on.

However, it seems that as we get older, we become more and more scared to ask permission. It’s harder now.

I’m not sure why.

But what would happen if we gave each other permission?

Not the kind of aforementioned permission for anything in particular, but how about the simple permission to be ourselves? How about the permission to simply be?

There comes a moment in a deep friendship of any kind, where you’re finally able to just be with that person. And those are the best kinds of relationships. When you can sit in the silence, doing nothing, with no stress over entertaining the other.

Joseph and myself have been friends for a lifetime. It’s been close to 20 years of friendship. Today after grabbing coffee with him, he said “I love how ‘oursevles’ we can be with each other.” And it’s true. That’s the best aspect of our friendship.

But what if we gave everyone in our lives the permission to BE?

What would the world look like? What would our day-to-day relationships look like? What if we stopped trying to be the Funny Guy, or the Organized Lady, or the Righteous Randy – and we were just simply honest, real, tangible human-beings with one another?

What if we loved? What if we danced? What if we were simply there?

You have my permission – to be.

Forever and Always,


permission slip

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