A Lover’s Tale

Tied up by legalities,
These relational formalities.
Like “I like you” – can I write you?
But I can’t say that – it’s too true.

So I’m captivated, yet still.
Is it infatuation or ill-will –
As I kneel at this window-sill?
Or perhaps terribly terrific?
Love, without the rhetoric.

And are you up for this adventure?
My heart’s caverns and splinters.
The soaring leaps of creativity,
And affectionate – the native me.
Joy comes, then sorrow grows;
No promise of what tomorrow holds.

The ups and downs of mountain slopes.
So when I plunge, how will you cope?

Alas, yet like espresso, you’re awakening –
Shyness tries to keep its hold;
I see you and I’m not so bold;
But I’ve yet to relent or give up hope.

I want, someday, to take the rope.
And swing – trusting in hearts wings.
O the silliness of romantic things.

You’ll be surprised – I’m smiling.
Alone now, but not forever.
Life is a treasure trove –
Of hidden things that no one knows.
Someday, you’ll see the glow –
Of what puts fire in these bones
And you’ll know – I’m not alone.

Intimacy – Into me, you’ll see.
To hidden things you’ll have the key.
Sealed in covenant;
Tear-soaked vows, you’ll wear a crown.
A princess for Him and queen for me.

Joyous dreams and lovely things,
As our hearts set sail,
On this Lover’s Tale.


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