An Overdue Life-Update

Dear Readers,

Thank you very much for your continued support of my writing endeavors. I started this blog 3 or 4 years ago and never thought it’d end up reaching as many people as it has. I am so appreciative of your interest in my creative and thought-processing outlet.

I don’t have any golden-nuggets of “wisdom” or creative poetic “works” for you, today. But I would like to take the opportunity to use my blog as a blog – updating you on my life.

I’m about turn 25. And my parents turn 50 this weekend. That means I’m officially the age that they were when they had me. Life is just funny like that.

You have an increasing amount of respect for your parent’s hard-work as you get a little older and spend a year or two in the working-world. One day, you sort of wake up and you’re like, “Holy crap. They had to work really friggin’ hard to make all of this happen.”

Anyways, super grateful for them. Excited to celebrate their 50 years of life in the upcoming week or two (their birthdays are 9 days apart).

I’ve been working for Allegion since March, 2014 as a temp. After 9 months of hard work and receiving a few honors such as Employee of the Month and Allegion’s Top Performer for the 3rd Quarter, I was brought on as a salaried-employee in December, 2014. I could always go for a higher salary, but I pay my bills on time, am obviously not starving, so life isn’t all that bad. The company has a great culture and I love my managers and coworkers. I recently joined a Steering Committee for communications and activities throughout the organization, so that should be fun – and allow me to develop a few new skills as well!

A friend and coworker of mine has recently undertaken the role of becoming my personal-trainer, so I’ll have to update you on my progress eventually. We JUST started. Another friend had been helping me set various goals like limiting/eliminating soda consumption and increasing the amount of water I drink. In essence, I am taking steps towards regaining control over my body’s health. According to my new “trainer”, an Air Force Reserve service-man, I could be a new man by the time Summer hits. I would love nothing more than for him to be right on that one.


Jake recently married the love of his life. Weddings have a way of making one incredibly nostalgic. It’s like a birthday-party, but on steroids – you think back to all of the adventure, heart-break, trials, and simply everything that you and those individuals have gone through together. Of one thing I’m certain, I am immensely grateful for the years of friendship that I’ve had with Jake. Especially the ones during college where our mutual friendship with Joey was no longer the cementing bond that held us together, but rather, we developed a unique and special friendship of our own that went from slamming each other in freestyle competitions and the wrestling-grounds of the Van Kirk basement, to uplifting one another in car-ride freestyles, leading a house-church, and studying at K-State, together – all in brotherly love for each other.

Speaking of freestyles, it wouldn’t have been #WeazyWeek without some free-styling on the wedding day. Here’s a picture of Chris going to town and Jake laughing, while Dan and Bryce dance in the background. Classic friendship moments right here.


Weddings also have a fun way of bringing old friends back together again. Over the past couple weeks I’ve shared some major “bromance” moments with several of the guys in the wedding party. A few of us have been wrestling through our faith together, while others have empathized with the financial and relational struggles that a bachelor has when they’re still consider “entry-level” in the working-world, as well as watching “all” of their friends get married. I attended three weddings in three weeks (Kristin’s in Wichita, Parkers in Tennessee, and Jake’s in KCMO) over the Winter. Might as well audition for the 27 Tuxes movie bound to come out eventually. Our time will come, though.

Life is good. School was expensive (Mini Rant Moment – Go to community college for as long as you can, kids. Also, if you don’t have a reason to be in school, then DO NOT go to college. Get a job and start saving your money. Then you won’t have to live with your parents at 25…The bottom line – loans are HORRIBLE. Bad habits are hard to break.). Setting goals and working towards them is awesome. I’m already saving towards a new vehicle (which I will inevitably need in the next year or so). I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. Can’t wait to trim down!

Last but not least, I’ve been reading like a mad-man for fun. James Patterson and John Grisham, folks. Pick pretty much ANY novel by those guys and it’s better than your favorite TV show – guaranteed. But if you have to go for a TV show – The Blacklist, Scandal, Friday Night Lights, and The Office are my “must-watch” items on Netflix.

Thanks for your friendships and interest in my life! If it’s been a while since we’ve talked, then I’d love nothing more than for you to give me a call, write me a letter, or shoot a text my way. Let’s reconnect. Fellow bloggers out there, leave a comment and let me know what’s new in your lives as well.



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