Christmas Grace

The baby wasn’t the one that was helpless that night. We were.” – Louie Giglio.

Are there any truer words? Something comes with age – a certain understanding of the depth of the world’s struggles. Yes, I’m not 50 (shout-out to my parents about to have their 50th Birthdays), but I am nearing my 25th year on this earth. So I don’t get to play the youth/young-adult card anymore.  And I’ve learned much more than it may appear.

Have you ever walked into a coffee-shop or bar and seen the light gone from someone’s eyes? I have. In fact, I’ve been there – in that spot, where darkness has washed over and there seems to be no light in sight.

That’s the state of the world – in all of its drunken endeavors and pursuits, for more.

The thing is, until Jesus entered the equation, we were all helpless to that pursuit.

The “pursuit of happiness” was all that we had.

But now that He is, indeed, here. Our world collides with an awe-striking phenomenon called grace. Not just any world leader (King, President, Pope, etc.), but the King of Kings and LORD of Lords, entering the world in the form of a baby – a “helpless babe” and yet we are still the helpless ones.

We were helpless in our pursuits of better selves; helpless to addictions and the seeking out of immediately self-gratifying pleasure; helpless even to see the light.

So God sent a Helper.

The prophecies had been told and the Old Testament’s promises held onto dearly, but the world was losing hope. Little did they know that evening in Bethlehem that their prayers had been answered in the filth of a stable. I can barely drive past a farm on the outskirts of Olathe, KS without rolling up my window and holding my nose. But wise men and king’s men and others came far and wide to see this baby – in this barn.

And there was hope – so much hope – more hope than any present there had experienced in their lifetime. Prophecies could be fulfilled and prayers could be answered.

Joy filled the Heavens and angels lit up the skies. Heaven met earth. Light overwhelmed darkness. And death began to lose its sting.

On this day, I remember. On this day, you remember. Our minds are redirected to this precious gift. The gracious outreach from Heaven into the midst of our longing and directionless endeavor.

This Christmas, be still and know that He is God. Tomorrow, wake up grateful for immeasurable grace that you and I could be forgiven. More so than that – we could be redeemed.

There will be some of you (perhaps even myself) that struggle to find the Christmas Spirit and Light in the midst of an internal war. But together, we can find joy in the remembrance of renewed hope in something far more powerful than ourselves.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Christmas Grace

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