Welcome Home

If only it were so simple,
Jump right in, avoid the ripples?
Right to the center and upward,
But first, splintered and haggard.

Rain drops leave impressions,
Wash away impurities,
But first it’s muddy, then it’s clean.

Rivers wind through canyons,
Mortars launch from canons,
All explosive, reckless abandon.

And O sweet passion.
Unpredictable, but a predicament.
Alien, this compassion,
Acts for another’s benefit.

So we trip on the cobblestones.
We’re weak and hope no one knows.

But He does.

And you thought rain-drops caused the canyons!

Yet the tears of His compassion fill the oceans.
But we doubt.
Would He really love me out in the open?
You sure – all my insecurities and coping?

My life is an earthquake,
Every worry, every mistake.
Is there such a savior for my sake?
How much can His heart take?

All of it. All of you, and all of me.
Calling us – even me! – family.


Yes, King. Yes, Lord. Yes, Daddy.

Let the rain come!

Palms up – accept the blessing.
Do away with clenched fists and all this wrestling.

The thing about Love is, it never stops pursuing.

Resilient, hopeful, Light.
Shine bright in this world’s dark night.

Your heart’s aglow – it’s where He’s making His home.

Feel the warmth.

Welcome Home,
You’re not alone.


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