Heaven’s Dark Knight

Locked up in the facade,
That this is me and all there is,
No need to dream abroad,
Stifled beliefs, look over the terrace.

But the mirror of lies whispered,
I shivered.
No hope for me here,
She quivered.

This raw intensity,
Built up a fence in me.

Locked up the gate,
Stormed the city,
But there’s too much hate;
Lost city.

I had a dream once,
I was a dreamer.

Inspired revolutions,
I was a leader.

Perhaps the dreamer will awaken,
But alas, resolve’s shaken,
Heart forsaken,
Am I mistaken?

But it can’t be,
No it shan’t.

T’was empowered and freed,
He redeemed my envy,
Destroyed my greed.

Alas, hear me O Father of Lights,
Comfort this heart once again,
Brighter days, shorter nights,
Rise up the heart of Heaven’s Dark Knight.


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