LOST: Five Minute Friday Edition

Every Friday, a group of bloggers take five minutes out of their day to blog about a predetermined topic. The idea is that they don’t worry too much about being wordy, or perfect, but they just let loose and do some good, solid writing for five minutes and see what comes of it. So, today, I’m joining the party. In these short, five minutes before my shift, I’m going to write about today’s topic: LOST.

It’s easy to feel lost in the world we live in. As a twentysomething, I feel the pressure to become something – to do something that really matters – to make an impact. And yet, I often just feel at a loss. Where am I in the big chasm that is our world? How can I stand between the darkness and the light and bridge the gap – how can I actively reflect the nature of Christ to others? The weight of it all can be despairing and can often lead to my darker days.

When we allow the weight of the world to fall onto our own shoulders, it leaves us exhausted and ready to quit. But I think that’s a good place for us to get to. “God’s address is at the end of our rope,” my pastor at K-State once taught us. And I think it’s very true. It’s when we come to the end of ourselves – when we reach our breaking point – that God can actually do something with our lives.

I’ve always thought that I was there – that I had fully lost myself in the LORD and surrendered everything. But over the last year, I’ve recognized that within my heart, I’ve held on very tightly to a few things, becoming lost in myself, rather than the LORD.

My prayer, today, is that we would choose to lay aside everything that hinders us, and allow ourselves to become captivated by his love – to be “lost” in His presence. There is no safer, nor warmer, nor lovelier place for our hearts to dwell, so why let them wither in the cold shadows of darkness any longer? I pray that we become lost in Him.

Five minutes is up. Hopefully this strikes some chords with you, readers.

2 thoughts on “LOST: Five Minute Friday Edition

  1. Really enjoyed this, Justin. It’s like Paul said: We can be slaves to sin or slaves to righteousness, but, either way, we’re going to be slaves. So, we can be lost in ourselves or lost in God, but we’re going to be lost. Let’s get lost in Him!

    1. Well great! Thanks a lot for taking the time to read. I appreciate it. This is definitely the shortest piece I’ve ever posted. But I’m glad you invited me to participate in “Five Minute Friday”. And yes, you’re totally right. We’re all slaves to something – might as well enslave ourselves into what leads to Life.

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