It happens quicker than you think – just blink and it may all be over. Hesitate for a moment and you just may miss it. Over-analyze your stance and you may stand for nothing at all. Life happens ever so fast. It is a warp-speed affair.

I wish that I learned as quickly as time passes by, or that I had the superpower to bend time to my own whims, but I do not. And even as I write this, time continues ticking on by. How much of our lives shall we spend being scared to act? (I ask this question more as a pressing into my own soul than a challenge to the general populous.)

A commonality among men and women alike is that they would very much like to succeed. There is nothing wrong with this ideal at all. Unfortunately, a problem does arise when the fear of failure becomes crippling. If I set out to climb the mountain and then do not make it to the top, then my pride takes a hit – so why would I attempt mountain-climbing at all? There is a chance that I will not reach the summit – a chance that I am not as strong and well-conditioned as I (hypothetically) think. I cannot bear to lose.

It’s a travesty to be a fearful man. What kind of impact can one make if they are afraid to rock the boat or cause a wake in the still sea, even if the sea is truly dead? So often, good men stand idly by, not wanting to press into those around them – subsequently, they miss out a great deal on the growth caused by working through conflict with another, and their peers are robbed of their wisdom and the growth that comes through being challenged in your thinking and way of life.

The friends that I’m closest to are the ones that have rocked my boat. They’ve done so with wisdom and patience (usually) and have waited on the Lord’s guidance as to the appropriate time. Sometimes they wait things out and let the Spirit do the work of convicting and changing my heart, but other times, they are not afraid to call out the man within, and to challenge my heart. For those few men, I am grateful. I respect them for their diligence in building up and protecting my heart.

I want to live as a passionate man – not afraid of the pursuit of something new (a relationship, job, dream).

Something I really appreciate about love-stories (fiction/nonfiction) is that they are courageous tales of one heart daring to influence another – whether for better or for worse – one has attempted to impact the other. Love is, or should be, selfless. And in the best romance movies and stories, you see that sacrificially lifting up another is the ultimate expression of deep, true love. To give is far better than to receive. It may take us as long as a lifetime to learn this, but I hope not. Attempting to manipulate people, or utilize relationships for our own gain is never fully satisfying, and only leaves us thirsting for more. But giving of our time and talents to make a positive contribution to molding another’s character, or assisting in reaching their dream – that is something worth living for.

Start living today, because you could very well die tomorrow. Your friends need your counsel and to share in your burdens, so that you may grow, together. Your bride/groom needs your attentive pursuit of their heart. Your church needs your personality and gifts, just as much as you need theirs.

You’re not getting younger. Never again will you have the opportunity of today, so make the most of it.

Life-Speed, friends. Because it’s not slowing time anytime soon.

warp speed


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    1. Thank you very much for your kind nomination – I’m not really into the chain/link posts, so I’ll refrain from sharing on my blog. But I sincerely appreciate your recognition of my writing!

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