Love Freely

I used to have this tendency – you see.
Write about joy to a degree,
Never mention darkness inside of me.
Image management – reputation over honesty, because honestly,
I cared a lot more about that than the honest me.
Careful now – you might not like what you see;
Hypocrite or broken? Which should I plea?
Doesn’t matter – I can’t always please.
How many times can you do-over – one, two, or three?
And you know, somewhere she’s waiting graciously,
While I’m looking in wishing-wells – ‘patiently’.
I’d like to pursue her – I’m sure she’s lovely,
But, unfortunately for her, my greatest obstacle is me.
So here’s to wishing-wells and all that be,
Prayers for restored hope in Thee,
And dreams that someday, we could love freely.



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