Spring blossoms,
Shades – awesome,
Colorful symphony,
Creation’s epiphany.

Brilliant beginnings,
Top of the inning.

Off season’s come to an end
It’d be a lot easier if we didn’t pretend,
That nostalgic blindness,
Take off the blinders.

You’re not the same,
Dead – now alive – it’s a whole new game.

Summer might have left a drought,
Autumn may have come about,
Winter’s bitter cold snuffed you out,
But it’s Spring – hear Life shout.

Old, tattered leaves,
Bold, haggard thieves,
Cold, battered knees,
Behold, scattered dreams.

I’ve planted seeds
And life, it seems,
Requires these things.

Patience to listen,
The Spirit is whisperin’.
Childlike endearment,
Forgot what fear meant.
Trust without borders,
Givers, not hoarders.

No flower blooms the same,
Yet they all praise One name.
Their beauty fades,
And the seasons will change,
But His Kingdom reigns.

The sun sets on another day,
Amber streaks run away,
Midnight blue,
I love its hue,
And it’d all just pass by,
But that’s Glory’s sky.


2 thoughts on “Growth

  1. I really like this poem! you should check out my blog i write a lot of similar stuff!

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