Am I Enough?

It’s a frequently asked question – “Am I enough?” Men and women alike wrestle with it, as they have that ultimate stare-down with the person looking them square-on in the mirror every morning. Our answer to that question typically sets the tone for our days – we are either upbeat and optimistic, or downcast and waywardly due to deciding that we are indeed, “enough” or not, respectively.

We ask ourselves that question when considering who we might date, marry, or simply be friends with – we wonder if we will measure up – if we will truly be enough for them and if they will truly be enough for us. Time and time again, we end up being reminded just how much we are not enough for that other person, as they move onto the next watering hole – the next sensual or emotional high.  The next rush of adrenaline.

It hurts, doesn’t it? That sick-feeling you get in your gut, as you realize that something else, or someone, was better than you.

I wonder if that’s how God feels.

You see – my point, today, is not to become all introspective and lead us down the road of examining how we view ourselves (although I’m certain that would be a great topic for another day). My point is, I believe God asks this question, too.

It’s amazing to consider that we were made in the image of our Creator. He hand-crafted each one of us and said that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” – no room for mistakes here – we are all gifts, given by the Gift-Giver, Himself. Seriously, though, isn’t it cool to consider that God found us worth making in HIS IMAGE? I mean, He could have easily decided to give us animal-like qualities, but instead, He gave us hearts, souls, and intellect, as well as free-will. Absolutely incredible.

“Am I Enough? – I believe our LORD asks His people. “Justin, am I TRULY enough for you?”

Pike Peak

As I drove home from the gym this evening, I felt this question being asked of me. It was humbling, as I discovered that we answer that question every second of every day, in the ways that we think, respond, and act.

Is it more praiseworthy and powerful for me to get on my soapbox and preach that “He is Enough”, or would it perhaps be more powerful for me to worship Him in my thoughts, reactions, and deeds?

I love words. They’re so powerful and they have an exponentially greater amount of influence upon my heart (as an avid reader/writer) than they likely do on the average person. However, is it not always the life that backs up the words that leaves the legacy? Martin Luther King Jr. would have been just another pastor, if he had not lived out what he taught, and fought peacefully for the well-being of his church. Instead, since he was a man of courage, peace, gentleness, and fierce boldness with the truth, His words carry infinitely more power. And I wish for my words to carry that degree of power someday, but that starts now, with years upon years of diligent faithfulness.

The Groom (Jesus) is asking The Bride (The Church – you and me) if He is enough.

“Am I Enough?” – Christ asks us this Friday as we remember His being nailed to the Cross for us. “Am I Enough?” – God asks His children, as we remember Him raising Jesus from the dead, conquering death! “God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him.” (Acts 2:24) “Am I Enough?” – The Holy Spirit wonders, as He pours His gifts out upon the Church, baptizing them in Spirit and in Truth (Acts 2:1-4).

Dear Reader, is He Enough?

“But even though the enemy might want to bury you, Jesus is in the habit of interrupting funerals.” (Louie Giglio)

The funeral procession of your life may very well already be underway. You could currently be surrendered to a plethora or deadly addictions, and we are promised that sin does, indeed, lead to death. BUT, “Jesus is in the habit of interrupting funerals.” I don’t care what it is, or where you are, or how far you’ve run. You come to Jesus. Death lost its sting roughly 2014 years ago. Sin only has power over you, if you let it, and if you refuse to surrender to the Living God.

“Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.” (1 Peter 2:2-3) I’ve tasted and seen – the Lord is so, so GOOD.

Much like we’d wish to be someone’s anchor someday, and for someone to be ours (in the context of marriage), I believe the LORD has a great and jealous desire for His Church to anchor themselves to Him. Yet we run wild. To this “lover” and to that.

“Aren’t you tired?” – one of my favorite quotes from The Help fits perfectly here. Aren’t you tired, friends? Is it not exhausting to run from one well to the next, to the next – only to find them dry, and filled with sand.

If only we took a moment to look up to the Heavens, and to answer God’s question – “Am I Enough?”

Find Him to be enough for you, and you will thirst no more.

The rains of Heaven will never cease to quench your thirst, or enthrall you with amazement. He Is Enough.



2 thoughts on “Am I Enough?

  1. These thoughts have been on my heart as well! So many times we want God and_____. It is such a difficult thing to surrender completely to Christ, but it’s always such a blessing when we do. Thanks for the great post and for allowing God to use you. 🙂

    1. Glad it encouraged you! Always cool to hear that God has placed similar notions and nudges in the hearts of others. Feel free to share this message with others, then. 🙂

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