Why “Majestic” Is Majestic

Kari Jobe recently released a new album titled “Majestic” and anyone who has purchased the album (like myself) knows that it’s similar to potato-chips – you can’t have just one (song). Now, I’m quickly going to start sounding like a crushing adolescent, so before you dismiss me for crushing hard on the beautiful, Godly brunette that Kari is – let me defend my stance, and her honor.

The album is almost entirely LIVE, which gives the music an authenticity that is hard to find in finely polished studio versions of songs. However, it is nearly flawless – her best work yet, in fact. 

From the opening song to the final music-video of “Let the Heavens Open”, Kari’s entire focus is on bringing glory to her Father in Heaven. Every second of my new favorite album is dedicated to ushering the Spirit of God into whatever room you’re in – whether at work, school, the gym, or home – you will feel the presence of God and you will know that He is someone worthy of your praise. In the mentioned video of her final song, you can see Kari not allowing for a standing-ovation of any kind (although her angelic voice could certainly have deserved one), but instead, she raises a hand and the audience continues to praise. It gave me chills to see such awe-inspiring worship occurring. It was absolutely beautiful.Image

The entire tone of the album is uplifting and hopeful and I greatly appreciate that. In a world that is so often filled with misery, despair, doubt, and fear, it is refreshing to be reminded that there is something steadfast and secure to rest in. Kari and her fans know that despite the insecurity of the world – they, as believers in Christ, can rest in security.

So whether you’re looking for something to accompany your workout, some reading music, or simply need some uplifting music to recharge your weary soul, “Majestic” is the album for you. You can purchase it on iTunes, Google Play, or listen to it on Spotify. I promise you it’s worth it.

These are just a few of the reasons why “Majestic” is majestic.


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