The Church must come together before it is sent. Troops assemble before going into battle. The cause of the lone-ranger dies when he does, but the legacy of brothers lives on. If your “ministry” were to entirely collapse without you, then it’s not healthily organized. Admit your need for others, call out their gifts, and bring them together around you.

In the corporate world, an organization/company is only as great as its’ worker-bees. The CEO may dress as flashily as s/he likes, give elaborate speeches, and make tactfully profitable decisions, but the product’s quality is up to the production team.

We are a prideful people. Humility is necessary, if we are to truly advance the Kingdom. It requires that we admit our dependence on the LORD, and our need for the support of other brothers and sisters.

People love to be acknowledged, and to feel needed. In some ways, it is a form of validation, as we search for our identity, and place in this world. I remember interning for the church I grew up in at the age of nineteen, and I loved that the youth depended on me for their spiritual guidance and for good teaching on Sunday. It fulfilled me.

The issue lies therein that previous statement. We are too easily satisfied, or fulfilled, by things that matter so much less than the Father’s genuine love for us. It is of utmost importance to Father God that you are affirmed, called by your rightful name, and called out into the service of His Church with the gifting He has blessed you with. If I were to speculate, I would think that sometimes He finds our attempts to enamor ourselves with counterfeit validation to be very, very sad, and that He very much wishes we would get down on our knees and cry out to Him for His words for us.

Humbling yourself before God is the first step – humbling yourself before me men, the second.

An organization needs those that are skilled at writing to express its’ intention, and those with brute strength to build, serve, and protect, and still others to wrestle with varying levels of ideology and to petition on its behalf. You can have a very gifted individual – one even that has the gift of leadership, but his purpose is fruitless without others coming together around him. One is not the “CEO of Me”. That’s ridiculous. But one may be the pastor of a body of believers, or an active member of a congregation, and its’ purposes may very well be carried out by faithful men and women.

Men and women of the faith, let’s come together. Set aside personal agendas and spiritual-resume polishing and “get down to the nitty-gritty” as Nacho Libre would say. Find strength and healing for your past in the fellowship of believers – pray together for the Spirit to impact and affirm each and every member’s heart. A set of playing-cards is much more valuable if all of the necessary cards are present and not torn. In the same way, the Church is much more a force to reckoned with, if all of its’ members are actively present, and have their hearts healed – souls affirmed by the Living God – and internal fabric mended.

All-Star NBA players would not be All-Stars if their teammates had not been there to “assist” them. Sometimes, the assist is more valuable than the game-winning three-pointer, as multiple assists lead to multiple wins, and thus, the overall betterment of the team. The team can reach the playoffs, but the player cannot do so alone.

Enough analogies. You get the idea.

Come together.

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