Maturity’s Fire | Spoken-Word

Refined by the fire, heart was blackened by mire, but the devil’s time expired; call ’em a liar; calling to Jesus now, I’m wiser. Heart Fire

Wrestle with inconsistency; I attention seek, but no time for detention, ya see? Praying for contingency and retention-think.

Fear of rejection, but I’m elected. Heart inspection, and I’m projected to pass.

But wait, how? I know there’s still dark in there somehow. Wow. But once that Light shone; mind’s blown; perplexing the “educated”, and bringing ‘losers’ to the throne. A child now grown. I’m home.

Plenty of room to grow; I know it. But I’m tired of discounting the reality of my maturity. “Take 15% off that word, because it’s hurting me, and let’s hide the “FRAGILE” sign above my heart and rough it up.” That’s foolery.

Wiser by the second, I meant it. Not always pleasant, but present; I’m here, and so is He, my King. Rekindling this relationship makes me wanna sing; rejoicing in The Lord of the Rings.

What a covenant; He governs it. In love with the Governor; in prayer, I cover her – His bride. No other love brings in quite that tide – love, mercy, grace – gently before our face. I’m ready to finish the race.

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