Awaken (Spoken-Word)

Motivated by grace, but living fearful?

Is it He you chase, or an ear full?

An ear full of praise, cheerfully laced,

Sold-out to me, not He.

Display righteousness through tweets,

“Is Jesus following me?”

Preach Christ in the streets,

But are you ‘clean’ in the sheets?

Social-media aside,

Who am I inside?

Did you see my Twitter Bio.

And that mission’s trip to Ohio?

Like a kid, “Daddy, look at me.”

I’m ‘free’, living in debauchery.

Win a Grammy, get laid, get paid.

Money on my mind, I’m on the grind.

Pop-culture is popular, so it’s right.

Why would you and I put up a fight?

Woah – is that it, folks?

I think we’ve choked.

4th down conversion failed,

That ship has sailed.

Salvation left to us,

Was a bust,

So Jesus came,

But you’re probably right,

We don’t really need His name…

It’s a shame,

Some of you agreed to that statement, mane.

So are you a surrendered offender,

Or an “authentic” pretender?

You’re either guilty and redeemed,

Or ‘redeemed’ (by yourself) and guilty (for eternity).

I’m no better,

Tried to stack cheddar,

But I know I’m guilty,

Righteous rags – filthy.

Who are you fooling?

Your eternity stands in the balance,

Not mine, Mom’s, or your boss’s.

Do you know what the cost is?

Jesus does, He paid it.

But you and I aren’t elated,

We’re infatuated,

Dig our graves and lay in it.

Yeah – It’s a grave situation,

That’s why I’m trying to awaken.

“Wake up, wake up, let’s go, let’s go,

You’ve been asleep for a while, change out yo night-clothes,

You got some old habits, now put some fresh ones on,

Just a freshmen? Well, freshen-up, cuz the pressure’s on.”

You heard J-Weazy,

Don’t do it to please me,

But you should really,

Throw off those chains and walk freely.

Stop hugging shadows and start embracing,

Open new windows and stop history-erasing.

Come as you are, not as you aren’t,

Jesus doesn’t want your “Sunday best”,

But the heart inside your chest.

All of it – the whole kit-and-caboodle

You wouldn’t make spaghetti without noodles,

Just like it’d be weird without sauce,

Admit it, without Him, we’re lost.

Tonight, as you sleep,

Ask yourself, are you really His sheep?

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