She’s a dime and she’s a dime.

Ya see, beauties not that hard to find. 

A woman with character, tho – now, that’s a dime – I mean, a diamond. 

A diamond in the rough – that takes time and – wait – I’m rhyming. 


The only thing that cuts diamond is diamond, 

So if iron sharpens iron, 

And diamond-diamond, 

Then what’s a 10 for the men? 


Is it six-pack abilities, 

Breakneck agility, 

Or is it simply stability

And maybe some humility? 


I guess, what I’m saying, 

Is you should probably stop playing, 

And start praying. 


Look for diamonds, 

Not ‘dimes’, 

Because diamonds never fade, 

But dimes rust – outward beauty adjusts – it fades. 


Shine bright like a night-light, 

Let darkness into light, 

Wash it white. 

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