Brief Thoughts on Loneliness

satan wants us to believe we are alone – we’re not. If anything, Christ is always with us – we simply ignore Him far too often.

The (sometimes) lonely state-of-the-church is caused by a host of factors – one of them being it’s ‘safer’ to gridlock our hearts – or so we think. Our pride prefers not to be subject to spiritual authority, our sinful hearts prefer not to be exposed, and our impatience prefers not to invest in relationships that have the potential to fail (because so many others have) and that take time to cultivate.

We NEED each other, though, and as much as our egos hate the idea of dependency upon another, or even upon God, we must grapple with that reality, bury our pride in the grave, and truly dig into Christ and community.

Jesus called 12 Disciples together, not one. You can’t “cowboy”, or “lone-ranger” your way thru Christianity. You can try, but it’s not the real deal – it’s not “The Church”.

Real church is real people really digging into each other’s lives and hearts – that means conquering the messy sides of people (their pasts, their current sin-struggles, their broken/confused hearts, etc.), bringing it to God, and letting Him heal! And doing it all with joy found in Christ and hope only found in the promise of an eternal Kingdom that is to come – free from suffering.

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