A Transparent Update: Blessed to Move Forward

Friends, many of you may be wondering what I have been up to over the last few months since graduating from Kansas State University. To be honest, I’ve been wondering, too. What on earth is Justin Meyer up to with his life? It’s been a period of rediscovery–realizing I like some aspects of me more than others and that I’d like to trim out other tidbits of character, or lack thereof–also just wanting to be a slimmer man in general (the struggle against “big guy” status continues, I haven’t given up yet).

May, June, and July were filled with endless online applications, resume updates, job-fairs, and lots of first and second interviews. Handling rejection is never an easy thing, but I believe I have grown a lot from it, and learned how to take it as an opportunity to learn how to better myself, or recognize when an opportunity is not most suitable for me, or for a particular company. A self-proclaimed, realistic-optimist, I like to do my very best to keep a positive spin on things, while not eliminating a logical realism–it’s hard to do, but worth it. A joyless life is death, in my eyes, and I refuse to live as a dead man. Therefore, I hold onto hope and love and press forward, by Christ’s strength alone.

In late July, I was offered a job as a Financial Services Representative and since then, I’ve been studying for those licensing examinations while working full-time in the hotel-industry. Perseverance and determination have been struggles. It’s easy to allow myself to fall to a bad case of the Mondays (even if it’s Wednesday), but I press against that as much as possible. Sometimes that means blasting some Ben Rector music, refilling my iced-coffee at Starbucks, or taking a break to catch-up with a friend. I will conquer those exams and I will be an excellent asset to that company soon. I’m determined.

If you follow me on social-media at all, then you know that I have been missing Manhattan. I love that city, the churches there, the people there, and the absolute beauty of K-State’s campus. Give me a cup of coffee on Bluestem’s patio, a good book, my pen and journal, and I would be content for hours. Recently, I went back to visit my friends at Ichthus. It was a great time. I learned how to two-step, caught-up with my brother, was immensely blessed by the prayers of lifelong friend, Jake Weakland, and learned from the talented teacher that John Schwartz is. I learned something while I was there, though. Manhattan is just fine without me. It was a humbling realization, but a freeing one. God is so much bigger than me, or any one person, and his mission will continue to be carried out there. In the meantime, I’ve been called home (to Kansas City).

Life in KC has been a bumpy ride. It’s a weird transition. You go from nearly drowning in fellowship-opportunities to being isolated in a subdivision. Battling through loneliness, uprooting from Manhattan and replanting myself in KC has not been easy, but it’s happening. I have decided to commit to Life Church’s young-adult ministry, Canvas, and hope to become more involved in the overall church as my work-schedule allows. They are a spirit-led and filled community, filled with hope, and love worship, and I appreciate all of those things.

Hmmm, what else is there to tell you?

In the spirit of relating to others and this truly being a transparent update…I met a girl. Liked her a lot. And asked her out. After a week of praying, she declined. It’s not in God’s plan and I’m accepting that and moving forward, but that’s not to say that it didn’t hurt a little and that satan didn’t attempt to use it as a source of potential contempt or agony. The Spirit was swift to bring encouragement and reassuring my way, as God knows His children, and truly how to bring good and perfect gifts from above. I’m a better man for pursuing her quickly. And I’d do it that way again in a heartbeat.

Boys play games–they flirt, seduce, and trifle with, but have no intent to commit, nor invest. Men diligently pursue–they have an understanding of what is beautiful and they fight for that beauty–they lay childish things aside–stamp out lust, and have a distrust for infatuation. Girls accept the advances of boys. A woman will only accept the advances of a man, if it is in her best interest and in the Lord’s plan. I’m learning to fight more and more each day to become a man and to trust more and more in the Lord’s plan.

That’s about as much of an update as anyone would ever need, so I’ll leave it at that. You can pray for my continued development as a man, writer, employee, friend, brother, and son, and for the Lord’s continued work in my life. Please comment with anything I can pray over you.

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