Ruby Red

Ruby red lips,
Crystal blue eyes,
A smile that will mesmerize.

Prettiest woman I’ve seen,
Awakens hearts and spreads wings,
Into her, the Holy Spirit has breathed.

Gentleness that could tame Sampson,
Boldness to defy satan.
A heart so deep,
People come and drink,
From the well of it,
For the wealth within.

I won’t lie,
She caught my eye.
Blew my mind.

But she’s not mine,
She’s His,
The Prince of Peace,
She’s a princess.

Who would’ve thought,
These summer nights,
I’d meet one.

Disney doesn’t stand a chance,
Against this royalty.

Her heart’s songs are raw,
Rough around the edges,
The sharpness is grace’s knife,
Cutting through hearts like butter.
Majestic. The birds are jealous.

Tears well up from the onlookers,
A woman that is fully herself,
And all that she is.
No shame,
No hidden agenda,
All in the open,
And all splendid.

Have faith brothers,
Your princess exists,
But are you the prince,
That should have such bliss?

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