The Dark Night’s Dawn

The night is darkest just before the dawn,

Dawn hath been promised, but is darkness gone?

Did it bid farewell and to the night run?

Are these sleepless, cold nights already won?


With an uncapped pen, I begin to write,

“Loneliness pangs me and my soul, contrite,

There are so many pretending tonight,

That I’m just fine and they’ll be alright.


But I know better, depression is real,

It’s not the first time it’s taken my zeal.”


I’m here to say that it will be okay,

The Dawn’s really coming; He’s here today.

Turns out, sometimes, the sunrise is Jesus.

At least He has to be for Believers.


Otherwise the desperation today

Will lead to our skies being awful grey

And I am ready for vibrant color,

To be comforted by Christ, my brother.


Satan can only whisper lies to you,

“If you fall, you fail” is simply not true.

“Would anyone really miss you?”—Dismiss.

Would Jesus really have come on Christmas

If your life were not on Savior’s wish-list?


It may get cloudy; times may become hard,

But all of satan’s lies, you can discard.


The night IS darkest just before the dawn,

But if your dawn is Jesus, ‘night’ is gone.

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