Dear Church

Dear Church,

There is a tendency to either embrace freedom, charisma, and the supernatural, or to love the law (Scripture) and steer clear of anything not easily explainable. I’ve ventured on both sides of the path; falling madly in love with Scripture, holding to its’ every law, in order to “earn” my salvation (impossible, by the way); experiencing the power of the Spirit and relishing in a spirit-of-freedom. Both sides have their pros and cons, but I think the issue is that there are sides. The Spirit and the Word are meant to work together, in harmony.

To my conservative friends, do you really want to continue living without experiencing the fullness of the Holy Spirit that is available to you? Would you truly prefer to live in a world void of miracles, prophetic-guidance, and angels that protect you from demonic-affairs? Read about the church in Acts, study original, first-hand accounts of church-leaders during periods of reformation/revival, and you will see that they all point to an element of the supernatural, no matter how terrifying or impossible that may currently seem.

To my charismatic friends, it is important for you to remember that all Scripture is useful for teaching, rebuking, and training in discipline. Many of you are avoiding its’ reality. Perhaps you were miraculously saved, rescued from demonic oppression, and your testimony speaks volumes, but you, my dear friend, are no better than the next man; you are still a single missed step from falling, flat on your face.

So, legalistic or rebellious in nature, we all need Jesus, desperately. We all need the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And, we could all use a heavy dose of humility, as we read Scripture and realize our need for a Savior. Before flagrantly disagreeing with your other Christian friends (like myself), I encourage you to pray and ask the LORD to open your eyes to whatever it is He may want to teach you in this season of ministry.

Finally, friends, I want to encourage you to continue pressing forward in the faith, despite any and all obstacles, for the Kingdom is near, and Christ is coming back. Rejoice, despite trials. Love, despite flaws. Sing, despite heartbreak. Fight passionately, despite the natural tendency toward apathy. Allow shame no stronghold in your heart and rid yourselves of guilt through repentance and submitting to the LORD. And, for the love of the world, pray, a lot more.

Walking With You,


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