A Love Letter

Dear [Insert Future Wife’s Name Here],

You are incredibly patient. I already know this. You’re currently waiting on me, to mature, to pursue, to romance, to delight, and to serve you. And I have yet to make my move, because–well, a)I’m scared and b)I don’t quite yet know who you are. But I do know that you are patient. I have so many quirks that make me a not-so-perfect, not-so-cookie-cutter Christian husband, but you’ll patiently wait, forgive, and love me, and for that, I’m already grateful.

You are ridiculously beautiful.  I’m very complimentary by nature and love to encourage others, so you’ve likely already heard me tell others that they’re good-looking, but you. take. the. cake.  I mean, “Girl, you FINE.” And it’s not just about the fact that you’re a 10 on the “hot” scale, but it’s that heart of yours that sets you apart. I want you to feel comfortable wearing a little less makeup (or none at all), throw away those pamphlets for potential cosmetic surgeries, and let me burn every issue of Cosmo and Seventeen magazine that has ever made you feel a little less like a woman. Because, as I said, you are beautiful. Nothing less than that, but certainly so much more. Embrace that reality, or you’re going to get sick of me “lying” to you about it.

Your heart is breathtaking. The depth, compassion, wisdom, and concern for the welfare of others rocks me, every time. The fact that you love…me!!! I mean, really? Me? Are you sure?

My inconsistencies, character-flaws, and sometimes lacking confidence does not seem to send you awry; this brings me to the next thing about you…you have only one Savior, and it’s not me. Your heart delights in the LORD, and I’m so lucky to one day have a better understanding of Him through your testimony, and to be a witness to your prayer-life.

I know you are not perfect, nor sinless. I know you’ll have “bad-hair days” and wake up looking like something out of a horror-film, and that some weeks (perhaps months), your prayer life will be shallow, or that doubts will arise. That’s okay, because you’re human, and I will do all that I can to lead you out of that time of anxiety and desperation; attempting to never lead you to solely to me, but to lead you to the LORD, to experience the comforting power of the Holy Spirit, together.

You make me stronger. The LORD is first and foremost my King, my rock, my fortress, my everything—but you are my resting place here on this earth. Together, we will seek Him. Together, we will endure trials. Together, we will overcome temptations, sickness, financial turmoil, the loss of friends and family, and so much more. Together, we will rejoice, in the birth of our sons (okay, okay, and maybe a daughter or two…haha), in our marriage, in our accomplishments, and in everything the LORD blesses us with.

I am selfish by nature, but increasingly coming to an appreciation of the words “together” and “with”–being in constant fellowship with you will not be easy–but the fruit of the labor we do TOGETHER will be ten-fold what I could ever “accomplish” by myself.

I will mess up, more than once. I’ll probably end up breaking your heart at some point or another. And I will never promise to be flawless, or perfect, but I do promise to love you. I’m already doing everything I can to pray for and prepare for your arrival in my life, daily.

Until We Meet (or my eyes are opened),


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