The Deceived

O the lies we’ve been told,
O what we readily believe,
May Truth be ever so bold,
And open up our eyes, The Deceived.

Wayward sinner or Righteous Rule-Keeper,
Take your pick, but Pride’s a sneaker.
So, alcoholic, prostitute, or preacher,
We’re all sinful creatures.

And grace does graciously abound,
So should we simply order “another round”?

“Sign me up for another week of freedom,
Then I’ll surrender, freely…”

Refuse to see you’re mastered,
Shackled to “bein’ plastered.”

There’s another side, though
You, reading this, saying, “not me, bro.”
“Check out my resume, it’s flawless.”
You’ve forgotten grace is lawless.

His love is not earned,
His love is not bought,
It should be learned,
It should be taught.

However, confusion and illusion
Have led to this delusion
That “top of the class”
Earns a free-pass.

Woe to me, I was there.
The older brother, who’d “earned my fare.”
So the younger ones needed to, or it wasn’t fair!

I led the studies, read the books, and preached,
I also judged and neglected the weak.
Thought that in order to be meek,
I had to be loftier than those that seek.

But hear me now and listen,
He is risen.

The name of grace is Jesus.
The price he paid, it freed us.

But free to do what?

Free to rebel and squander?


Free to entrust.
Free to not lust.

Free to serve.
Free to not hurt.

Free to love.
Free to not run.

Choose your master wisely,
Sin, Yourself, or Kingdom?
Just never forget the price of freedom.
Now children, walk as freed men.

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