Rev79: House-Church (Family)

Photo Lineup from left-to-right, starting in the back row and moving forward: Lerenzo, Brad, Justin (Me), Dan, Jake, Tyrel, Annie, Kristin, Lindsey, Brooke, and Naomi.


The individuals in the photo above are some of the sweetest, most loving people I have met throughout the course of my college-career. Meet the “cell” (core-leaders) of Rev79, a house-church that has become my favorite aspect of college altogether. We are the self-described “weirdos” of Ichthus, the larger gathering and ministry that we stem from, with each of us having varying personalities, areas of interests, and gifts; place us in a room together with Bibles open and the Spirit present and sooner or later, we somehow became the tight-knit and amazing family that you see above.

Growing up, I never experienced this within the church. Please do not hear me wrong–I love my upbringing and the various ministries that have poured into me throughout the years–I believe that I am a better, more educated, and blessed man due to all of them. After all, an experience is an experience and it grants one a great deal of wisdom. However, I have never before experienced the deep, authentic value of a smaller community, forming unbreakable friendships, that will in all honesty, last a lifetime.

The purpose of this post is to emphasize the incredible importance of community and to give myself the opportunity to commemorate my experiences within this beautiful house-church, Rev79.

If you, yourself, are not a part of a tight-knit community of believers, seeking after the LORD with your heart, mind, soul, and life–ask yourself what is holding you back and then remove that hindrance at whatever cost. I exhort you, from the bottom of my heart, to plug yourself in; invest in relationships, meetings, Bible-study, and the like; sure, it may seem tedious and unnecessary at first and perhaps there will be “dry” seasons, but in the words of the District Attorney from The Dark Knight, “the night is darkest just before the dawn.” Truly, it is all worth it in the end, and when you look back at the end of your time with that people-group, you will not have wished you spent less time in the Word of God and in community, you will only wish that you had invested more of yourself and that you had wasted less time.

To the members of Rev79 (including those not pictured above), I am immensely grateful that each of you has come into my life, for whatever purpose. Our time together has been incredibly beneficial and encouraging to me, as I have developed as a man of God and as a student, employee, friend, brother, son, and someday a husband and father.

The reality is that words can simply not do any of what I am trying to convey justice. An old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so allow me to share a few more of my favorite photos of the people I genuinely love.

Dance Party
Justin, Lerenzo, Tyrel, Lindsey, Brooke, and Kristin at a DANCE PARTY!
Awkward Family Photo
One of my favorite photos EVER! So much personality.
Jake Justin in Element
“Bros For Life” (Justin & Jake) in Their Element (Coffee/Reading/Socializing)
SororityFamily Pose
Left to Right: Tyrel, Jake, Dan, Lerenzo, Justin (Me), and Brad. How can you NOT just absolutely LOVE this sorority style “Awkward Family Photo”?
Xenos Trip
Justin, Lerenzo, Dan, Jake, and Jordan (left to right) in Columbus, Ohio!


Until Next Time,

Justin Meyer

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