Can You Handle The Truth?

The famed movie quote, “You can’t handle the truth!” often reflects our reaction toward spiritual absolute-truth. Can you really handle the Truth? Perhaps you can “take it”; you can listen to it and let it reverberate within; but truly, can you handle the Truth? Can you allow The Truth to break you free from the shackles of pride and self-righteous thinking that keep one from humility and confession? You may even “know” The Truth, but has that changed who you are at the core, or has it simply translated into a few behavioral-changes that seek only to convince yourself that you are okay? But you are not okay, because you have not fully accepted The Truth. You have not yet come to grips with the reality of the Gospel; that you NEED Jesus and that He is truly the ONLY way to the Father. You have yet to repent, to recant your wrongdoing, and to seek a new way of living, yet you wave the flag of “truth”, as if its’ banner, its’ symbolism, will in and of itself save you. But it will not.

So I ask again, can you handle the Truth? Have you read the hallowed words of Scripture and found yourself WANTED? The depravity of your sin, has that broken your heart and brought you to your knees before an Almighty and Just God, to seek after the blood of His Son, that it may pay the penalty for your sins, that you may be truly saved?

Hard-hitting Truth is often absent in a culture of comfort and wanting others to like us. The desire to allure, to be attractive to others, is an overwhelming pull and tug on each of our hearts. Yet, sometimes, the heart of man must be offended; it must be shaken that it cannot ignore the absence of its’ obedience to a God that calls for Holiness. I do not desire to teach a lesson on the Holiness of God, or the Holiness that we are called to, but His Word does proclaim, “Be holy as I am Holy!” But Isaiah, the prophet, found himself terrified of the sheer GLORY of God and that he was a man of unclean lips. This prophet knew that his “righteousness” was no match for Righteousness itself, God.

Can you handle the Truth?

There is a startling reality that many of your hearts are far from the LORD currently. To be transparent, my heart has been distant as of late. It out of sheer obedience, that I continue to write this, and to trust that The Spirit will use it, and will continue to work in my own heart through this message. But are we okay with this? Are we okay with being far from the LORD? Are we okay with allowing The Truth to continue to be shaped, molded, changed, and edited by the culture, by what our flesh desires, or do we truly want The Truth? Scripture promises that the Holy Spirit is with us, that He is a Counselor that desires to guide us. Do we want to be guided, or do we want to attempt to persuade The Spirit in the direction that our distracted hearts wish themselves to wander?

One could argue that I presented far more questions than answers and to them I would say, “You are right, but in this case I believe it to be more effective.” However, in case the concept/theme that I’m attempting to share with you needs some clearing up, here is the beginnings of a spoken-word piece that I have been working on over the last couple days. It could use some editing and more thought/prayer, but for now, I think it will serve to make some solid declarations of truth that each of us need to consider on a deeper level. It is my prayer that this currently untitled poem would serve to awaken your hearts and call each of you to action, as The Spirit is in the process of doing within my own heart.

There is a danger that looms when passion turns passive, no longer willing to be active. Apathy entrenched hearts; acidic. Burning holes into the foundations of belief, because when we become “Chief”, roll up our sleeves, and make it about “me”, there is no room for He. He that created that with which we’re infatuated; heartbeat escalated, adrenaline inflated; we choose fabricated sensation over authentic relation; making ourselves king of the situation. Then, what was once a ‘summer-fling’, has to us, become the ‘real-thing’, but we forgot once again, the covenant’s ring. Divorcing The Truth for a lie, the Holy Spirit cries, while our spirit dies. Because you’ve chosen dope over hope, the feel-good over the REAL Good. Counterfeit bills look and feel real, but they only steal; no real value; no treasury to back them up; may fill the cup, but when it runs empty, will you look up? Too often we’re blind to the depravity of the mind, believing our moral looseness is something behind us, but if we look deep enough, we will find, that it still binds us. Father God, please remove the blinds. Open their eyes that they may see, everything You keep showing me. That in order to be free, we must flee to Thee. We think of surrender as an act of cowardice, but surrender to You brings power to the powerless. Under the authority of the Cosmic Champion, we may experience casualties, but will never again follow casually. Considering our losses gain, we will cheer on He who reigns! Relinquishing our ‘rights’ to the right-hand of the Father, we wonder why in the past, with such things, did we bother? Preparations have been made, plans laid, resting in the shade of the Victorious One, The Son. O Truth, come now, suffocate the lies, then breathe Life, that freedom may ring,  and hearts and souls may sing, “Glory to the King”. And Glory there will be, rays of light so bright, that we will say, “woe is me!” But teach us to crave that day, to pray on our knees and wait, trusting You not to delay. Bring deliverance for the oppressed, place the oppressor under arrest. You will bring justice to our unjust, I trust this. For the times we lack faith, I pray you’d increase it, that we’d remain unscathed, how you see fit. Faithful servants, forever serving, casting out serpents, belief unswerving, that You will redeem and renew our broken dreams.

One last time….

Friends, Can you handle The Truth?

Can I handle The Truth?

Will it change us from the inside-out, or will a cloud of doubt continue to paralyze the growth of the proud?

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