Spring 2013 Update

Dear Readers,

I’m grateful for those of you that are willing to take time out of your busy schedules to read the various messages that the LORD places on my heart from time-to-time. It means so much to me that there are many of you that have taken a genuine interest in my writing. If success is ever to come my way in that arena of life, it will happen mostly because of the many confidence boosts I have received from encouraging readers, like yourselves, and other members in the body of Christ that have been praying for me, and helping me develop my gifting as a communicator.

Unfortunately, I have no “word of wisdom”, poetry, or short-story to share with you this time. However, I find myself desiring that you would partner with me in prayer. Can I entrust you with that?

As some of you may know, if everything goes according to plan, I will graduate May 18th from Kansas State University with a Bachelors of Science in Communication Studies with an emphasis on Relational Comm. and a minor in Leadership Studies. I should be ecstatic with excitement, right?!?! Well, I am…but I am also anxious about what is to come. Where shall the LORD call me to serve? Shall I continue work within hospitality management, where some doors may be opening? Should I seriously pursue becoming a published author? Would it be wise for me to pursue full-time ministry, where I can develop my ability to speak and exhort audiences toward laying aside every hindrance in their pursuit of Christ?

Obviously, I am in a place where there are a lot more questions than answers. If you know me, then you will know that I am typically a planner. “Going with the flow” is fine in some situations, but I prefer to at least have a general idea of what is to come. Usually, I would be a visionary, with some sort of amazing plan. All I currently have is a dream. My dream is to one day become a published author and encouraging speaker, that exhorts audiences toward giving all that they are to the mission of making disciples of all nations. I want to see the world changed, one heart at a time. Not in some methodical, mundane, way in which people become “projects”. No, I love people. And I want to love them even more. I want to grow in my ability to love others with the unconditional love of Christ and to counsel them toward biblical healing and redemption in every aspect of their lives. LORD-willing, I desperately desire to see the United States once again surrendered to Christ as King, and to see the Holy Spirit, active and moving, in the lives of those I love.

So, that’s the dream. That’s “the vision”, so to speak. The plan? Well, that is currently in the works, and in the hands of God. Would you please pray for the LORD to guide my footsteps and to align my heart with His will for my life?

As a planner, I can be a fan of lists, so below I have a list of prayer-requests and perhaps even ways that you can practically help me achieve my dream and meet my needs.


  • Doors in the professional world of communication (writing, speaking, interpersonal, marketing, leadership-development, etc.) to begin opening, according to the LORD’s perfect plan for me.
  • An unbelievable, earth-shattering, peace that smothers any hint of anxiety in my heart about the future (who I should marry, where I should work, where I should live, how I shall provide for myself, etc.)
  • The LORD’s financial provision. In the near future, I will likely need to purchase a new laptop, car (my truck is having issues, pray it can be easily fixed for now), and I will have the responsibility of paying off student-loans.
  • Pray for my classes. There are seven weeks left until graduation and I still have some major assignments (a senior thesis, semester papers, thesis-defense, etc.) and exams to successfully complete.
  • Discipline/Health: Being overweight sucks. I’ve been attempting to cut back on calorie intake and as spring comes, I plan to jog more frequently. Pray I’d stick with it. Also, pray that I’d stop comparing myself to stud-muffin friends and that I would be confident in who the LORD has designed me to be.
  • Finish Strong: I do not wish to waste the final seven weeks, nor do I want to neglect any relationships, or evangelistic opportunities, the LORD has for me. Pray that my last weeks as a collegiate student would be amazing ones.


  • If you hear of any positions that are currently open that may benefit from someone with my skill-set/education, then please let me know!
  • Share my writings with others, so that they can begin to reach a wider audience, and potentially open up greater opportunities in the future.
  • Give, if you feel so led. No pressure there. You have already given me so much. I’ll do my best to never be too prideful, as to turn down someone offering a helping-hand, though.
  • PRAY. Seriously, pray. Prayer is such a practical way to help. I’d be so blessed if you took the above prayer-requests seriously.


Justin Meyer
Kansas State University
College of Arts & Sciences
Dept. of Communication Studies
School of Leadership Studies

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