Where Art Thou?

O Father, where art thou?

Before you, humbled, I bow.

No merit, nor worth, only shame,

Standing before you, I came.


But you see, I’m here, I’m waiting,

Similar to my wait for dating;

You seem far off, unreachable

Perhaps it’s me, have I not been teachable?

Shall I sulk and wait, distracted?

Shall my heart remain not impacted?

Will I ever feel that zealous passion,

Being again reminded of such compassion?


Darkness seems closer than ever,

Evil’s prince deceives me; clever.

Has my heart been hardened?

Shall I not be pardoned?

Sickness looms and exhausts,

Not sure if I’m able, I’m at a loss.


Have I lost my usefulness?

Are you no longer in need of my youthfulness?

A joyful man, I once was, now depressed.

Cannot hold in feelings of sorrow I’ve repressed.


Where is this Spirit, the one whom shall save?

Where has he gone, shall I prepare for the grave?


Society cannot handle truthfulness from the heart,

Should I share this, they’d quickly depart.

It’s easy to support someone joyous and bright,

But this now, it does not bring delight.


A brilliant mind, I’ve been told I have,

Yet, it would seem, I always give half.

Potential wasted, nothing here to be proud of,

Haven’t heard those words in a while, “proud of.”


O LORD, Father God, come quick,

My body reflects my heart, I’m sick.

Sin remains, lifestyle unchanged,

So many things need rearranged.

I need Your courage, I feel estranged.


O God, like David, I’m in a valley,

I’m ready for more ups than downs, have you checked the tally?

The last month, far more frown than smiles,

Feels like my heart’s been wandering for miles.


I’d keep runnin’, but I’m tired.

I desire You, it’s how I’m wired.

Your Spirit’s real, I know it is.

I’ve seen it before, I’ll tell my kids.

So won’t you now, raise me up?

Half-empty or not, fill my cup?


An emotional man, I’m designed to be,

Tears will come quite naturally,

Sorrowful tears are wearing me out,

Change them to joyful, a praise I’ll shout!


But You’re my God, humble your child,

You’re seasoning my life, even though I’d prefer it to be mild.

Shimmering splendor, perhaps you’d prefer me spicy,

But Lord, my God, at least entice me.

Consume me once again with your fragrant splendor,

Empower me to worship unhindered.


You called my name, so here I am,

What shall you require, I AM?

One thought on “Where Art Thou?

  1. Reblogged this on Faith in the Fear and commented:
    To my readers:

    My friend Justin has here put into words so many thoughts I’ve had myself. At the moment I can’t think of a better way to express myself than to borrow his poetry. Won’t you take a glance?

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