All that I can see

Unable to be consumed by me

Eyes focused at last

On something so deep, so vast.

Exponential miles, years of light

Forget my trials, gosh they’re bright!

Brilliant splendor,

His grace did render.

Streaks of light in skies grey

Nothing capable of containing His display.

A canvas light-years wide

Reminds me of Him at my side.

I’ve searched the city, ran for miles

Crying out, “they hit me”, during trials.

All the while, He’s been right here…

I’ve searched endlessly, exhaustively,

His response? “Justin, rest in me.”

“Justin, I’m here.”

Is all I ever needed to hear.

Abba, Father, Daddy is present,

And children find comfort in His presence.

Humbled to child-like gestures,

Clutching at His feet to bear life’s pressures.

Wishing to be lifted up to rest

To lay my head on His shoulder, against His chest.

Nothing more intimate than this,

To know that He’s Father and I’m His.

Could have spent an evening in the bars,

Instead, He amazed & captivated me with His stars.

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