Grace’s Rhythm

Here’s the reality

Of my mentality.

Distracted and distraught,

Forgetting I’ve been bought.

Rarely ever convinced

That Christ is my defense.


Courtroom situated,

The jury debated

My verdict; I waited.


Surprised they arrested

Jesus, who invested

All of Him into me.

He empowered and freed;

Redeeming my envy,

Destroying my greed.

O how gracious He is;

My penalty now His.

Righteousness that’s not mine,

Clothing me, how divine!


His Spirit now my guide,

There’s nowhere left to hide.

My sins brought into light

Used to fill me with fright,

But King Jesus is Love;

Lifts me up like a dove.


Adopted; He’s Father.

Righteousness, He fosters

Life into what was dead.


You heard right, I was dead…

You may be…that I dread.

A sobering thought; Walking Dead,

Never tasted His Bread.


Many question purpose,

Can’t find it on purpose.

The answer, I can give.

Only reason to live

Is to give up your hold

To the King and be bold.


New life resurrected,

Conductor directed,

Delightful symphony,

Led to epiphany.

Death is life, “life” is death.

Die to self, breathe his breath.

Live for Him, courageous.

As they turn the pages,

Your story validates,

His glory vindicates!


That’s it, I’m done. Praise Him!

Grace fills lives to the brim.

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