Trumpet Call

We’re livin’ in a world of passivity,

Moral lines fadin’, realize the gravity?

Culture’s been convinced that wrong is right,

And few hearts long for The Light!


“If I can stay comfortable,

Then that would be wonderful!

Wouldn’t want my feathers ruffled,

Or my heart troubled…”


Persuaded sin is living free

Forgettin’ they were bought; paid for on a tree.

Blood-stained linens wrapped around The King,

But no one remembers Him when they have sex without a ring.


This may be blunt; straight-forward and not eloquent

However, it is time we dealt with this elephant.

An immoral culture immersed in darkness…

Lifestyles never changin’; are we heartless?


Thinkin’ you’re saved,

But livin’ depraved,

Awake, rise from the grave!


A redeemed life will bear fruit abundantly,

Can you not hear God’s trumpeting?

Jesus is coming back, The Messiah shall reign.

I pray you will have chosen not to live in vein.

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