Heart’s Cry

Wounded time and time again,

Words you thought were innocent, broke it down, friends,

I don’t blame you, nor anyone, in fact

The enemy was determined, using a great deal of tact

Determined to see me fall, to scrape my knees

Filled up my mind with so many lies I’ve started to believe

“You’re right, deceiver, I’m deceptive, undesirable, and rejected;

I’ve sinned many times and it wasn’t for me, He resurrected.

I’m not worth what He did and I’ll never overcome,

All the ‘truths’ He states about me are things I’ll never become.

If only my ambition, passion, and motivation,

Were as large as my body that’s begun my confidence’s deflation.

I amaze myself with how obsessed I am with what I see

The man standing in the mirror, staring back at me,

Wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks big and wide,

Freckles here and there, and a smile that seems to hide.


Constantly conscious of others’ perception,

Never believing they may have positive reception.

What has begun this depressing reflection;

The root, I believe, is in my heart’s deception.


If only I could be me and be free,

Yet somehow, I feel enslaved to thee,

To you, to her, to him, to them,

Am I living for myself, you, or Him?


I honestly am not certain; so many questions,

My heart seems to be pulled in many directions.

Of one thing, I’m certain, of one thing, I’m sure,

I want to see my God bring redemption; to begin to cure

The brokenhearted and contrite believers,

Who may, like me, struggle against the deceiver.

I will not be silenced, my strength will come back,

Father God will raise me back up and keep me on track.


Pray He comes quickly, swiftly by my side,

That my heart would have no strength left to hide,

With darkness exposed, wounds out in the open,

The Light can bring healing, renew my hope and

Replace the lens through which I see,

Perhaps soon I can see how my Creator sees me.

3 thoughts on “Heart’s Cry

  1. In Jesus’ name, may these lies retreat from your heart more quickly than they came!
    I heard something on the radio today, just briefly, about how if we were to take away our job, our situation, our relationships, our mistakes, everything that we feel defines us in this life, and simply stood so bare before God…that is how He takes us. That is how He loves us.
    It’s all about the grace! We are none of us worthy! Yet the truth of Christ’s Gospel is taking us as we are, broken and depraved, cursing and running away, and dying for us all!
    The beauty of that truth, my friend Justin, is it includes YOU, regardless of how you feel.
    So have a screaming match with God if you need to; He can take it. Pray a lot; I’m praying with you. And remember His truths every day, even when you can’t believe them.
    F eelings
    A side
    T rust
    H im

    1. The F.A.I.T.H. acronym is AWESOME. Totally dig it. And your comment is amazing. Grateful for your powerful prayers and words of affirmation, encouragement, and challenge. All of which are beneficial to lifting me up. Always blessed by your continued friendship, Carolyn!

  2. Wow! Beautifully composed words brother. Heart felt and Inspiring.
    Carolyn’s comments were amazing as well.
    Be blessed beloved.

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