We will always want more. As sinful, carnal beings, the appetites of many of our lustful desires are thirsty for more. Take a sip of drunkenness and allow it to allure you to a state of euphoria. Eventually a hang-over will bring you back down to earth, meaning that more alcohol is the only way to maintain the aforementioned state of being.

Perhaps alcohol is not your muse. The world has convinced you that happiness and fulfillment are to be found within a relationship with the opposite sex. Although in modern-day society this is more equal to one’s lust for sensuality. Then, you begin the processing of feeling up, kissing, and develop into deeper forms of physical intimacy only intended for the purpose of a man and woman under the covenant of marriage to share. Soon, the s/he you have been fooling around with is not enough and you’re “on to the next one.”

Maybe, just maybe, you are not sinful enough to fall to such things…But what about the desire to be noticed and recognized? Who does not have a desire to be better known? What teen does not wish to have celebrity status in order to be swept up into the arms of that generation’s iconic idol? However, let us say that fate just so has it that my 9-year-old sister is indeed to marry Justin Bieber…Even with the “entire world” at her fingertips, she may likely still be thirsty for more.

It turns out that all of the money in the world cannot buy one happiness. Perhaps for a moment, one can be swept into the drunken ‘happiness’ of the limelight, but all parties must come to an end at some point.

What a disappointing notion for someone to come to grips with! I can imagine the conversation unraveling itself like so:

Friend: “You mean I will not find fulfillment in the opposite sex, alcohol, money, status, or sensuality?”

Me: “Yes, absolutely.”

Friend: “How do you know?”

Me: “Remember when you had your first significant other, raise, job, graduation, etc. and the moment of glory/satisfaction it brought you?”

Friend: “Yes…”

Me: “Did it last? Or were your eyes set on the next prize? Perhaps a prettier girlfriend or more ‘intimate’ relationship? Maybe earning a bachelors, doctorate, or another more prestigious degree. In the end, you always want more, don’t you?”

Friend: “Get to the point. Don’t you want more too, Justin?”

Me: “Yes! I want more. But I am coming to a better realization of the answer. I know where lasting joy, love, peace, and strength can be found.

Friend: “Where?”

Me: “In Jesus Christ.”

The conversation would of course continue on with many questions, doubts, revelations, and testimony but I’ve come full circle to where I want to be with this entry.

Despite the oppositions we all continually face and our eminent thirst for more in the world, Jesus can overcome all of that. You and I do not always see this in the moment but the saying is true, “He is enough.”

The problem lies in how we approach satisfying our thirst. Jesus has said that living water flows out from Him and all that come to Him will be satisfied. However, instead of grabbing a cistern and drinking from the well of life, we choose to drink from the other wells (premarital physical relations, alcoholism, materialism, etc.). We dig into them and find that the water is not clean and has much dirt and filth within, only intensifying our thirst. Then, we dig deeper into these subsequent wells believing the water will somehow become cleaner as we do, but it doesn’t.

All the while Jesus is saying, “Let the children come to me.” But going to Jesus is hard. It requires humility. There is the necessity to admit that you do indeed need Him as your Father. But how can a father bless an unruly son with his inheritance? He can’t. So then comes the moment of truth…Will you surrender?

Friends, will you? Will you and I make the decision to surrender to the will of God, that we may die to ourselves (Galatians 2:20) and truly become new creations (2 Corinthians 5:17)? If so, I assure you that you can be thirsty for the love, joy, and intimacy that you so desire no longer. You will be free!!!

O, but freedom comes at a price. Ask the men and women that are currently protecting American soil and our ‘rights’. They’ve lost many, perhaps everything, that is dear to them. But, it is because of their surrendering themselves to the greater good that we are not currently studying the Bible from a prison-cell (in many countries there is no freedom of religion).

Brothers and Sisters, it is time to pay the price for freedom. It is time to have our thirsts quenched by Living Water. It is time to surrender Jesus Christ. It is time to truly and authentically declare Him LORD over every aspect of our lives, so that we and our peers can FINALLY taste and see that He is good!

Where is our fruit, O Christians? To what extent have we compromised our principles to the degree that “the world” is only a shade or two darker than us? God is not concerned with our Christian resume. He IS concerned with our hearts. You and I can intern at churches, submit to spiritually authority, and invest in discipleship-training-programs all we want. But God is not impressed by such things and neither is the world. God is waiting for the hearts of His children to turn back to Him so that they may be used to change the world for the advancing of His Kingdom, one heart at a time! And each heart in this world desperately desires to witness this reality!

O what could come of a group of men and/or women fully devoted to God? O the magnificence that would be brought to Christ’s name if an entire church were surrendered to making Yeshua known?!?!

Finally, what if “one nation under God” truly became one nation under God? Glory! Angels would dance! Our King would throw a massive party and the world would be a much better place.

O Heaven come down! O Father, come down! O Jesus, come down! Build Your Kingdom in this place. May my peers and I experience what it means to truly be Your vessels.

Captivated by His Grace,


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