The Solution

Twinkling lights, evening air

Flower petals landing in hair.

Laughter ensues, conversations grow

The love of others seemingly glows.

Radiant beauty, life created

There is so much God has demonstrated.


The coffee is strong and honey, sweet

There are so many hearts to meet

Right where they are, on the streets, broken

Behind smile facades, tears are chokin’

Life seems distant, Life seems far

That’s why you spend endless nights in the bar.


No matter how much ‘liquid courage’

Instead you end up distraught, discouraged


Friends assure you these times will pass

Yet pain, once again, over hope, shall surpass.


What is your hope in?

Where are you copin’?


How can someone so dead inside come to bear life?

Where can one run from their painful strife?


So many things promise alleviation

Yet somehow are simply deviations

From the root issue which must be mentioned

If you want your heart freed from Satan’s detention.


So why sit here and keep pretending

That your way will start trending.

Maybe if you tweet and update

Your problems will somehow resituate.


That doesn’t seem to do the trick

Let me offer something real quick…


What if you stopped trying

And started denying

Your ability to stop crying?…


What if you were to fully surrender;

Wave your white flag and did not hinder

The power of Christ from overcoming

All the sinful things you’ve been becoming?


What if for once, God was God

And you were not?


Perhaps the strongest action you can take

Is admitting your weakness and past mistakes…


Give it a chance; at least one day

Fall to your knees, cry out, and pray.

I know your hearts empty and skies are grey

But God’s compassion is real and won’t delay.


Time is of the essence and this poem must end

In the meantime I’ll pray for your hearts to mend.

Father, send out Your Holy Spirit and angels in Power;

Take back this dark nation and let Your mercy shower

Upon those whom revere the Word of Your Son

And to Your arms, like young children, do run.

3 thoughts on “The Solution

  1. I think my favorite thing about this one is the tone. It reminds me of how God sweetly whispers to us truth. The other poems I’ve read of yours are very convicting and confrontational, which I love, but it’s nice to see the convicting aspects of this poem coming from such a gentle and sweet tone.

    1. Sweet and gentle is the tone of God, as He is presently chasing after our hearts, and bringing redemption. It’s truly beautiful. The sharper/more-confrontational tone in the others is meant to grab the attention of the reader, or is written for an audience that needs to be awakened. This was designed more for those that need to know the true love of Christ. In other words, the tone/message is always crafted for the particular audience in mind.

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