Restless Heart

I know that You’re there

I know that You’re real

I know that You’ll spare

I know that You’ll heal


I know that I love You

I know that You’re mine


Yet the pain has me blue

Eyes distracted, I whine


Sure, it’s not preferred

Nor suggested

Sure, I’ve conferred

Yes, arrested


The ideas absurd deep within

That keeps me distraught;

Keeps me witherin’


It’s probably a drought


I’ll give it time; I’ll jest

I’ll keep the faith; I’ll rest.


Tonight, I choose You

Nothing else is enough.

Tomorrow, I’ll choose You

Even when it’s rough.


Nothing else satisfies

Nor will suffice

Nothing else gratifies

Nor will thrive.


Now Jesus please captivate;

Renew my attention.


LORD, speak! Make me still…

Submit my restless heart to Your will!


And as I drift off to sleep,

Father, I give you my heart to keep…

3 thoughts on “Restless Heart

  1. I LOVE it! Such raw emotion. I can sense your incredible desire for God to work in your life, and for your heart to be focused on Him. This is wonderful, Justin; both the writing and what you are saying in it. And it’s exactly, EXACTLY, what we need to be doing on a regular basis so that we do not become weary or fall away from relationship with Jesus.

      1. No problem! I can relate so well with a lot of what you write, so it’s always way cool to see you putting it out there.

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