All is white. In fact, you’ve never quite seen anything like it before…such simple, pure, white; everywhere. Eerily, every nerve within is steady and calm, as if you were laying on the beach without a care in the world; laying under the warm rays of the sun with no regard for time or any of life’s inconvenient limitations. That’s when it hits…the pain.

“Where am I?”

“What has happened?”

Questions begin to fog your mind and the world around you becomes a dull, blurry, grey and the pain…it’s intensifying. Just as quickly as the warm and blissful state surrounded you, it’s gone. “Is that a campfire?”-you ask yourself as the smell of smoke enters the nostrils. “No, that’s definitely not…”-another sniff reveals the distasteful smell of burnt-hair. Now you’re starting to freak out…

The pain is back…worse than before. There’s throbbing, aching…possible puncture wounds? “Why can’t I breathe well?” Your sight is improving and things are starting to come into focus. There’s bright flickering lights, the source of intense heat…there’s flames. Lots of flames; fire. Looking down towards your legs, you realize the source of the majority of the pain without your body; shattered glass is absolutely everywhere, having entered your body in many areas. Blood drips down your legs and arms from the cuts that have been acquired.

Thundering sets of footsteps break the terrifying crescendo of your thoughts. “Sir! Are you alright?” You try to speak, but you can’t; the smoke has choked your lungs and you’re in too much pain but you moan the best response possible.

“I think he’s alive!”

“Sir, you’ve experienced a terrible accident! Please don’t make any sudden movements. We’re going to pull you out from under the vehicle before we’re all engulfed in flames.”

Strong hands grab hold of your feet and begin to pull. The force brings about far too much pain and as you try to shout out in pain, the ability to breathe is gone again…Blinking lights and the sounds of frantic voices fade in the distance…then just as before, all goes white.

(End of Story)

The Explanation:

You and I are NOT promised tomorrow. We simply aren’t. Growing up within the evangelical church, I’ve been exposed to Scripture the majority of my life, and never once, have I come across a verse that states, “You, my child, will be alive tomorrow.” We’re not afforded that luxury. All it could take is falling asleep at the wheel, an allergic reaction, angering the wrong person at the wrong place at the wrong time, stepping into oncoming traffic, etc. There are many various forms of accidents that can occur without warning; daily. The question then must asked…

If you were to die tonight, what would happen? (I’d go to Heaven…) Are you 100% certain?

How often is it that our faith is called into question? Not very often. People shy away from it and preach from a standpoint of wanting to gloss over things and present a sweet, acceptable, gospel. I know of no such thing. Don’t get me wrong, God’s love is sweeter than any honey and infinitely more satisfying than any sin one could put in its’ place. However, the real gospel is often found to be too bold for the society we live in, because it does NOT warrant the salvation of everyone.

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (Matthew 7:13-14)

Only a few will enter the Kingdom of God. Will you be part of the few?

Once again, I’ve presented you with far more questions than answers, however it is essential that the Holy Spirit begins the work within your heart and develops a curiosity and hunger within you for knowledge of Jesus Christ. Without Him, you are hopeless, like sheep without a shepherd. The solemn reality is that if you die without knowing Him…the wrath of God will be upon you. At that point, there’s no escape. I urge and plead with you to consider these things! Find a friend to talk to, a pastor to guide you, but most importantly, seek the Lord!!! Run to Him without regard to anything else; it all pales in comparison to the importance of that one, single, life-sustaining relationship with Christ as your Savior.

Then, when you die…the white you will see will be the overwhelming, radiant, beautiful white of the King of King’s robes and garments which are far purer than snow. More magnificent than the bright slopes of any mountain-range; all will be white again.


6 thoughts on “White

  1. Intense. You graphically draw your reader in, wondering what it could all lead to. What an intense challenge. I wonder if you could expand on that little clip of a story? I bet you could. With the Lord’s leading, it could be something that helps draw others to Him. But of course, that’s a prayer matter.
    Thank you for sharing, Justin. May God use this for His glory. He is IN YOU and working THROUGH YOU! Shine bright…bear fruit.

    1. I’ll definitely pray over and consider rewriting the story and/or writing another one that is similar in the future. My friend Jake said, “you know how you’d like to be a writer?…What if you wrote Christian Fiction?” LOL, which I believe was his way of giving me very high praise which I certainly do not deserve. But I would very much like to see if that’s something I’m potentially capable of and if it’d be the Lord’s will. We shall see! I only want to do something like that if it brings glory to God; fiction doesn’t seem to do Him justice, but perhaps if His Spirit is in it, it’d be worthwhile.

    1. It’s so cool that you’re selfless enough to post some of my written material on YOUR blog. I find it truly encouraging and an excellent demonstration of the work the Lord has been doing and is continuing to do within your heart! But seriously, I couldn’t ever possibly thank you enough for all of your support and gracious comments.

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