Stand Firm

Man, you keep striving

But you’re getting nowhere

The world seems to be thriving

But they’re choking; no air.

Suffocating slowly due to living unholy

Or they’re not following Jesus Christ solely.

See, maybe you’ve got an idol or two

Hold it above God and argue till your face is blue.

Lecrae talks that “Real Talk”

And Christ wants that Real Walk

So remember we’re on a clock

Time’s running; tick-tock.


Brothers, when’s the last time you legitimately had a conversation with God or read your Bible…or trusted Him wholly?


Yo man, I’ve been there;

Matter of fact, I’m right there

But we’ve gotta take heart

Remember that from the start

We’ve been given new lives

No longer have to strive.

So let’s learn how to rest.

Lay at His feet what’s on your chest

And from there we’ll learn to embrace

This incredible thing called God’s grace.


Stand firm men of God. Be steadfast Women of the Faith. Stand firm.

2 thoughts on “Stand Firm

  1. Good Post Justin…I praise God for your light, that you write here to the world and that the words you find are the words in your heart.-watw

    1. Thanks! I do what I can to be as REAL as possible. Even if that means posting a not incredibly well written rap, lol. I just wrote that one with my friends the other night and decided to post it to share what’s been on my heart recently.

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