Video Blog: Take 1

This is my FIRST attempt at a video-blog, so be gracious with me as I have no video-editing skills and such. Anyways, hope you enjoy it! Leave comments and let me know what you’d like to see in the future! Also, the volume isn’t very good, so you’ll want to turn up your speakers to hear me well enough.

6 thoughts on “Video Blog: Take 1

  1. Gooooood Morning Justin!! Lol. Well let me start off with a Praise the Lord for you stepping out much further. ( clapping my hands and nodding my head up and down ) You delivered a wonderful, thought provoking message for those who don’t know God at all and for the Christians who need a reminder of the grace given to us that we need to stop trying to earn.

    I’m smiling really wide that my cheeks are becoming sore……. This is because I see the love of Christ shining through you. I’m so proud of you!!! I really am. I said I was going to take notes as you were talking and I am moving around the room with my iPhone watching you but I forgot to grab a pen and paper! I have nothing to say about editing or anything because it is fine. I’m sure along the way you will critique yourself and video blog in different areas and lighting.

    As far as your looks and all. You have a beautiful smile and your eyes are ” pretty ” ( LOL ok I know you are a guy but you know what I mean!! ) As you were speaking of these things about yourself in comparison to others, I agree you are no Brad Pitt and no you don’t have millions of dollars BUT what you do have is Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you are rich in blessings and wisdom. You are a nice looking guy made in God’s image who is still nice looking if I didn’t add God to the equation. My husband does not mind me saying this just so you know so don’t panic! ( joking ) Anyway, get over the outer image and speech that you kind of feel uncomfortable about please. I will be praying for you to not let that hinder you in thought though you have already stepped out and exposed yourself even more. Your local friends see you daily. We bloggers don’t, but it doesn’t mean we see you any different.

    Now the question is about Brad Pitt: ( sorry but I HAVE to bring it up ) DOES HE HAVE SALVATION, DOES HE BELIEVE IN JESUS AT ALL? I am not shouting but asking a bold question. People get caught up in celebrities and their looks and fame but we ought to wonder more what their spiritual life is like and what they believe in, who they believe and and where they are going for eternity. Well I know I think about it. Their fame will not get then into heaven. Period.

    Anyway, I’m rambling on but I hope you get my point. Keep doing what you do in Christ and congrats for coming so far in your schooling. My stepdaughter just graduated from college last Saturday and I’m very proud of her. God bless your heart, your life, your calling in Him, your writings and video messages. May you be blessed in abundance with all you put your heart to do. Oh yeah, with the leading of the Holy Spirit you can’t go wrong. And as I know, you don’t write unless you are led by the Spirit. So no worries! Moses wasn’t a great speaker but he did great things and spoke out of obedience. Same as you!

    Merry Christmas to you just in case I don’t get a chance to say it and I pray you have a wonderful day today tomorrow and all the days God places before you.


    1. I’m glad that you’re so excited about this! Thanks for your support. It truly means a lot! Thanks for following me fo sho. Is there anything you’d like to see more of? Let me know 🙂

  2. Fantastic, my friend!! I admire your passion for Christ and your uplifting yet admonishing words. At some point (and this applies so much to me), we need to come out of our shells and stop living in the idea that we aren’t good enough. NO, we AREN’T. But God in His grace MAKES us righteous and therefore able to do good for His glory.
    I enjoyed seeing you speak. You look good, and I think you’re pretty cool! Thanks for sharing…well done!

    1. You’re very right. We’ve gotta stop letting things like our own insecurity hold us back. God can still do AMAZING things through each of us as we allow His righteousness to shine through us! I’m glad that you think it was worthwhile! I appreciate your feedback a lot!

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