The Soldier’s Call

Words can pierce the heart by aggression

Holding back the pain; our confession.

Keeping the smile on and the blue eyes bright

Wouldn’t ever want tears to see the light.

Because if you’re not strong; you’re weak,

No longer somethin’ the world will seek.

Some think you’re on a winning-streak

Reality is your soul’s grown meak.

They tell ya to dress it up; put on a bandage.

Do they even realize there’s permanent-damage?

Sure, the blood’s gone; you’ve been washed clean,

But the scar’s still there and your heart’s a crime-scene.

Evidence collected and suspect on trial;

Regardless of the “justice”; robbed of your smile.

You’re tormented by the Evil that dwells within

Satan’s waitin’ at the door seducin’ ya back to sin.

“You’re worthless, nothing, ugly, unfit,” he hisses

Somehow convinces you that you’re on trial in front of witnesses

But just before you thrown in the towel and say “I’m done,”

Jesus runs in and claims YOU as His son!…

“Lucifer…AWAY from him at once!” Christ thunders…

“Child, you’re worth my life, beautiful, and called to duty!”/ Satan shudders.

Words spoken by The Light extinguish darkness

Suddenly Satan’s been revealed as heartless.

Unable to be in the presence of Holiness

He slithers back to the dark hole-of-his.

Then God says,

“Son, I’ll win the War but your battle rages on,

Keep your eyes on me and meditate on my word

As you continue persevering, you’ll become bright as the Son

Darkness will be forced to flee from the light of the Sword!

My spirit dwells in your heart; keeping you upright

Now onward young soldier, you’ve been called to fight!”

7 thoughts on “The Soldier’s Call

  1. Word pictures and deeply emotional stories just grab at my heart. This is one of those! Wow, I love the picture of Jesus running to our defense…do you think He really does that when Satan starts going too far?
    This is a FANTASTIC and BEAUTIFUL piece. Well written!

    1. I certainly believe that He is always right there with us and He never allows Satan to tempt us beyond what we can bear. Scripture promises us that there is always a way out provided for by the Holy Spirit. The picture of Him running to our defense comes from the story of the Prodigal Son; where the master of the estate and father runs to the aid of his son and restores him to his original status in the family! I’m blown away by your kind words and excitement over this!

  2. Wow ~ Your writing grabs the heart strings and paints vivid images which is wonderful! Great writers stir great emotions and you’ve done that nicely here. I’m excited to read more and am following you 🙂

    1. Your comment makes me smile. I do not deserve to be called a “great writer” though; my writing ability is a gift and one that I’m only capable of accessing when lead by the Holy Spirit; all glory to God and the hold He has on my heart!

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